Girls recap: Midnight Train To Manitou

Hannah and Jessa take a trip upstate to stay with Jessa's father
Ep. 07 | Aired Feb 24, 2013

CITY GIRL, COUNTRY GIRLĀ Hannah is less than thrilled to be eating the rabbit she had been petting earlier in the day. Jessa tells her to grow up.

Jessica Miglio

Poor Hannah is the reluctant companion on this adventure, but plays an amusing supporting role. For all of Hannah's talk of being adventurous, she's actually pretty straight here, with the exception of the almost-sex with the 19-year-old. (Her line is apparently whip-its, Jack, and driving recklessly on dark country roads.) She also sees the awful relationship between Jessa and her dad and, in comparing it to her own stable, middle class upbringing, realizes that she had the better deal and even calls her parents to let them know that. They're cleaning out the junk in her childhood room, though, and aren't exactly in the mood for the compliment -- which her mother assumes is a joke anyway. Hannah: the girl who cried love.

So, will Jessa be back soon? Do you think her departure will affect the group dynamics? Or is everyone so separate at this point that it won't be noticeable? When we first met Jessa, Marnie expressed concern about how her presence would affect Hannah. Will her absence be just as jolting? Is season 2 just Hannah slowly realizing that she wants a more conventional life?

Quote of the Night:
Hannah: What happened to the five-year-old daughter?
Jessa: No one speaks to her. I wonder if her name is still Lemon.

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