Girls recap: Babies Holding Hands

Marnie hosts a party with Booth, Hannah gets an eBook deal, and Adam and Ray go to Staten Island
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

THE ACCIDENTAL GROUPIE Marnie plays hostess at Booth's art world party, and tells Hannah that these are her new friends. Not so fast, Marnie. 

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Ray convinces Adam that they need to return it to its owner on Staten Island, and the two almost-strangers embark on a ferry trip across the river. Is it a little weird how shows like Girls and Louie use Staten Island as a retreat from Manhattan and Brooklyn? It's this other world of no-nonsense working class sensibilities that's used to show our out-of-touch intellectuals that there are other ways of life.

Anyway, Ray is his condescending self and makes a lot of references to being smarter than Adam, while still managing to sort of bond with him. They talk about how women are best when they're under 18 or over 40. The under 18-year-olds are vulnerable, and the over 40s are comfortable and expectation-less. Ray's feeling too much pressure from Shoshanna and, I guess, has no one to talk about it with. In the beginning of the episode, Shoshanna tried to convince him to take a class to hear Donald Trump lecture, hoping that maybe he'd be inspired to be an entrepreneur. I'm sure this isn't an infrequent topic of conversation since it was revealed two episodes ago that Ray is essentially homeless. She even confides to Marnie that he took her on a date to get tacos. Shoshanna lives in a world of movie-created delusions and believes sincerely that dates need roses and mood lighting. She wants to be courted. And Ray is probably not the guy for that.

Ray, for all his intelligence and confidence, is perhaps the most stunted of all of the characters on the show. He seems to have just wafted through his 20s doing his thing at an ironic and always superior distance, and suddenly realized that he's 33 and has no goals, no money, and no idea what he's doing. As ridiculous as Adam might be sometimes, he's passionate and takes his life experiences seriously, whether it's his love, his addiction, or his art. Their fight is great. Ray wants to joke about Hannah, and Adam is having none of it. Adam tells Ray that his relationship with Shoshanna is false, that he's hiding behind her because she's safe and that they're just "babies holding hands." Ray and Adam are kind of two takes on modern men. Neither knows what they're supposed to be aiming for. They know that women are involved, but what do they want? Marriage, a house, and babies? An intellectual soul mate? Someone to just have fun with for a little while?

Overall, "Boys" was a great episode, and really got at the vulnerabilities of some of the characters who've only existed in the background while still managing to be funny. What do you think of Marnie's cold dose of reality? What do you think is next for her? And Ray? What does Ray want? Does this episode make you question his relationship with Shoshanna?

Quote of the Night:
"Don't compare Hannah to this piece of s--- dog." -Adam

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