Girls recap: Babies Holding Hands

Marnie hosts a party with Booth, Hannah gets an eBook deal, and Adam and Ray go to Staten Island
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

THE ACCIDENTAL GROUPIE Marnie plays hostess at Booth's art world party, and tells Hannah that these are her new friends. Not so fast, Marnie. 

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But when the party ends, Booth asks her if $500 is enough. She laughs, but he's not kidding. Booth tells her that it actually makes a lot of sense, that she's a hostess so this is kind of her job anyway. Also, she is certainly not his girlfriend. Out of embarrassment, Marnie starts to cry and tells him that she's not the girl to confuse being in a relationship and not being in a relationship, but of course, she just has. I believe that Marnie's never had to deal with this before, but she's met her match in Booth. He's that sort of hilarious, overconfident, narcissistic jerk who just sort of wafts through life and women without giving much thought to either.

As a last resort, she even tries to talk him up -- his art, his personality. It is particularly devastating. I'm surprised they didn't drag this relationship out longer, and played a little bit more with Marnie's delusions of grandeur, but it's best that it's over. On some level, she was probably just enchanted by his life and the idea of being the girlfriend of a successful and trendy artist, even though she might not realize that yet.

Humiliated and defeated, and probably in some debt from that dress, Marnie takes the subway home. When she calls Hannah, they both talk past each other. Hannah tells her she went home to write and that it's going well. Marnie tells her that she and Booth are on the patio watching fireflies. And neither wants to admit to the other that things suck and they're both unhappy. As the audience, you just want one of them to ask if the other's okay so they can go get a drink or some ice cream or just sit and talk or some other cliché, and realize that their problems are not the end of the world. But ever since Marnie and Hannah stopped being roommates, they've been in a performance mode with each other.

Ray, meanwhile, takes his own little adventure outside of his life. He realizes he'd lent Hannah his copy of Little Women, and that she'd left it at Adams. Obviously Hannah is not going to go to Adam's, so, it's up to Ray. This is why you should never lend books to anyone or, if you do, you should just resign yourself to the fact that it might be gone forever.

We haven't seen Adam since the incident with the police at Hannah's apartment, and he's been sorely missed in the Girls world. This episode didn't really promise or imply that we'll be getting any more Adam, but it was pretty fantastic to have him back being weird and honest and heartbroken -- especially in contrast to the ever-cynical Ray.

Apparently Adam did end up spending a night in jail -- and looks somewhat traumatized by the experience. He had to share a cell with a yoga teacher, he explains, hilariously. I really hope that there's some short film on the season 2 DVD extras that's just Adam's night in jail with the yoga instructor. When Ray goes to get his copy of Little Women from Adam's bathroom, he's shocked to discover a violent, angry dog behind the door. Its name? Dog. So Holly Golightly, right? It turns out Adam stole the dog, but of course he had a reason for it. The owner had been yelling at it, and tied it up outside a coffee shop, so Adam took it upon himself to save it from what seems like a miserable life. This...was sort of a Portlandia sketch, but it also works for Adam. His manic sincerity makes the situation totally believable.

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