Girls recap: She Just Likes to Fight

Marnie's told she's not cut out for the art world; Hannah deals with her Republican boyfriend and stalker-ish ex
Ep. 02 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

PRETTY PERSUASION Marnie gets practical after botching another art gallery interview and takes a job as a hostess at a city club. 


Meanwhile Marnie took Shoshanna and Ray's advice to get a "pretty person job" and, well, she does, as the new hostess at the Wedgebrook Club. She comes over to talk to Hannah, but, as I mentioned before, Elijah intercepts her and talks her out of telling Hannah about their drunken get together. It is mystifying how their catty, fast-paced "omg" banter isn't annoying, but I could truly watch Marnie and Elijah argue all day.

Hannah's still in a fighting mood, and doesn't approve of Marnie's new job because she's "catering to rich old men" whereas Hannah's $40/day at Grumpy's is "clean money." This was Marnie's fight to win (she was unemployed, she needed a job, and that is that) but they both take it to an obnoxious place. Instead of money, they fight about looks. "Oh, you don't think I'm pretty enough for a pretty person job," Hannah asks, while eating mouthfuls of cool-whip. The fight was a low-point in the episode for me. I just think they can do better. Marnie and Hannah are more interesting than that.

The episode ends when Adam barges into Hannah's apartment uninvited. He still has a key "for emergencies." They fight. Hannah types 911 on her phone and hits end before it starts ringing. They continue fighting and we hear a male's voice from the hallway yelling "Hannah." I thought it was going to be Sandy and that we'd see Adam and Sandy throw a few punches. But it's the police. They respond to hangups. Hannah and Adam handle the situation infuriatingly poorly. Adam ends up being taken away in handcuffs because he has some outstanding parking tickets and a public urination citation.

Personally I thought seeing how everyone dealt with The Republican was a pretty interesting tangent for Girls, however, if this is the only episode where anyone talks about it, it'll feel too much like a gimmick.

So, what did you think of Hannah and Sandy's fight? Do you hope to see Sandy again? What about Adam? We've had a lot of Marnie and Hannah in these first two episodes, if you had to choose between Jessa and Shosh for the next episode to focus on, who would it be?

Quote of the Night:
"You look like a slutty Von Trapp child." -Elijah

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