Girls season finale recap: A Rom-Com Ending

Hannah tries to finish her book; Marnie and Charlie go to brunch
Ep. 10 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

THE OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE HYPOCHONDRIAC This is Hannah before she decides to give herself a Carey Mulligan haircut. The result is less adorable British pixie, and more Prince Valiant. 

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Hannah's life is entirely consumed by her anxiety over her book. That doesn't mean she's channeling that anxiety into words on a page, though. She's spending her time wallowing in her ear trauma and googling possible related and unrelated ailments. She's also the only one not having sex. All work and no play make Hannah a reclusive hypochondriac.

When her publisher tells her that they could sue her if she doesn't live up to her agreement and her dad rebuffs her plea for money to pay back the advance, Hannah retreats further into her den of depression and dread. She literally hides behind the bed when Marnie comes by. But, for some reason, she FaceSpaces (ha) Adam. He spots that something is wrong with her and goes straight to the rescue. Shirts be damned! The lady he loves is in distress! The music swells as he sprints through the nighttime streets and he barges into Hannah's apartment, picks her up, and they kiss. Just like a movie. In this one, Adam is Bridget Jones and Hannah is Darcy.

In a season where everything has felt a little artificial, forced, or arbitrary, "Together" finally felt true to all of the characters and their relationships. They all found something, and all of their somethings were men. Hannah found a guy to come to her rescue. Marnie found a guy to love her. And Shoshanna found a hot blonde guy to make out with. Is it the Judd Apatow effect? This is the first episode since Season 1's "The Return" that Apatow has co-written with Dunham, and there seemed to be a distinct shift. It was more conventional, and more heartfelt. Even so, it was a little disappointing that the girls are still operating as distinct islands. I liked Hannah's phone call to Jessa, but she chooses to reach out to the one person who isn't there and can't help her, and hide from the one who can.

So, what did you all think? Are you happy Marnie and Charlie are trying to make it work? Or Hannah and Adam? Is Laird right? Are Hannah's insides rotten? Did you like that there weren't really cliffhangers? How does it hold up to the cake on the beach moment?

Also, does anyone know what "Oh Chloe, only the rain has such small hands" means?

Oh, and how about Hannah's hair?!

See you in season 3!

Quote of the Night:
"Shiri! Operate!" -Adam, trying to answer his iPhone

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