Girls season premiere recap: It's My Choice

Hannah's dating a new guy and caring for Adam, while Marnie begins to spiral out of control after getting fired
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

ME PLUS ONE Hannah tries her hand at taking care of others for a change. Results are mixed.

Jessica Miglio/HBO

The episode culminates in a party at Elijah and Hannah's apartment. We find out that Ray and Shoshanna tried to date for a little while, but he broke up with her. It seems like the breakup was the result of the fact that Shoshanna is very young and Ray is very judgmental. Still, when he sees her, he realizes he misses her and they end up making out. Elijah's rich older boyfriend gets belligerently drunk and Hannah helps escort him out of the party. And Marnie sees a fairly unhappy Charlie and Audrey, has sex with Elijah, and then she goes to Charlie's place because she just wants to sleep next to someone.

The newly married Jessa was mostly missing from the episode. We see her briefly at the end, drunk and euphoric with Thomas-John, hopping into a cab and realizing that she doesn't know where they live. Her absence was a welcome departure, even though Jessa is so enjoyable. It gave the episode a little more breathing room to focus in on the other three, and, well, she still has a lot of explaining to do which we're happy to wait for.

So, what did you think of Hannah now? Does she seem changed for the better? Do you feel kind of bad for Adam? What about Marnie? Are she and Charlie about to get back together? Would that be a good thing for either of them? What do you think of Elijah and Hannah as roommates? Talk to us!

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