Game of Thrones recap: Don't Stop Belaying

Jon Snow tries to climb The Wall, while the women of Westeros get bad news (or worse)
Ep. 06 | Aired May 5, 2013

A MATCH MADE IN HIGHGARDEN Loras (Finn Jones) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) have plenty in common.


We see a shot of sobbing Sansa watching Littlefinger's ship sail away, and with it her back-up plan to escape King's Landing. Bye-bye, feather bed.

The Wall: Thrones counters Littlefinger's "The Climb" metaphor by showing Jon Snow and Ygritte in exhausted jubilation having finished their climb. See, the climb isn't all there is. There is also a tangible reward -- that incredible view of Westeros and Jon and Ygritte celebrating together. You half expect Jon Snow to give an "I'm the king of the north!" cry. Instead they just start making out, with Giantsbane and the warg feeling like third and fourth wheels.

We get a sweeping shot of the couple on The Wall with the countryside stretching out below. This is an unusual scene for Thrones. The show is a lot of things, but not often romantic (at least, not in the modern sense). Awesome.

Um, how do they get down?

Best Scene: Loved The Wall scenes, but watching Charles Dance and Diana Rigg spar over the wedding gets it.

Best Line: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." (Yes, I changed my choice, sue me, it's the recappers prerogative, says so in the manual).

Next week: The episode is called "The Bear and Maiden Fair," so book readers will know what that means. Also: It's Tyrion and Sansa's wedding! And now with Edmure marrying Frey's daughter too, we should update the Game of Thrones Upcoming Wedding Tally: 4 -- which is quite a lot for us to attend in the coming weeks. Doesn't it suck when all your friends start getting married at the same time? Takes up all your weekends, then there's all the gifts. And I have no clue what to buy Joffrey -- what do you get the psychopath who hates everything? In any case, I must now stop working on this recap because I haven't eaten yet, and I don't want to utterly fail at dinner.

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