Game of Thrones recap: A Slay of Hope

Tyrion has a shot at survival as 'Game of Thrones' teases us with hope, bonding and sellsword sex in 'Mockingbird'
Ep. 07 | Aired May 18, 2014

FRIENDS TO THE END: Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) haggles for Bronn's (Jerome Flynn) services

King's Landing: Tyrion was hoping Bronn would be his champion. But his sellsword buddy visits his cell and flaunts Cersei's bribe. He's snazzily dressed and reveals he's getting a wife who stands to inherit a castle if he kills her older sister.

Bronn seems truly conflicted about betraying Tyrion, noting that while he genuinely likes him, "I just like myself more." It's sad. Tyrion had two close companions aside from his brother -- Shae and Bronn. Both relationships were built on a financial agreement, and now they have crumbled to condemn him to death. Yet it's hard to blame Bronn here. Even if he somehow won against The Mountain, Cersei would probably have him killed. Plus, as he points out, "When have you ever risked your life for me?" This is a fair point. If Bronn were in this cell, Tyrion would try to find a way to get him released. But he probably wouldn't volunteer to put his life at serious risk to do it.

Meereen: Daario sneaks into Dany's bedchambers through her window, which earns him extra quest points since she lives atop an 800-foot pyramid. He essentially tells her to either love him and/or send him away, since screwing and fighting are the two things he does best.

"Do what you do best: Take off your clothes," Dany says in a horny dragon-queen voice.

There's some power in that line. This Middle Ages-inspired show gets slammed for its male characters treating female characters the way men sometimes treated women in the Middle Ages. (Damn you, accuracy!) Yet this scene has Queen Dany enjoying some table-turning objectification. Of course, Daario is exceedingly willing to comply, so it's not exactly the same -- yet it still makes the moment stand out among Thrones sex scenes, and should provide additional fodder for all those post-graduate "Gender Equality on Game of Thrones" thesis papers.

Daario strips, and there is Daario butt. Viewing companion on my couch says: "Best Thrones episode ever." Dany lustily eyes his unsheathed self.

However: We're denied the actual sex scene. It's the second time in two weeks; you'll remember Thrones didn't show Littlefinger and Lysa either (thankfully). It's interesting that the series chose to show us, say, the brutal rapes at Craster's -- yet this union, which is romantic in all the right ways and been teased all season, remains offscreen.

Next morning, Daario swaggers down the hall, doing his stride of pride past Ser Jorah. He's not exactly subtle, practically shouting to Ser Jorah: "Dude, I just tapped the Breaker of Chains!" Disturbed Jorah finds Dany in a rather sexy outfit, which makes things even tougher for him, I bet. Ser Friend Zone struggles to find logical objections to fooling around with Daario, but they all stem from the fact he wants her and they both know it.

Dany reveals she sent Daario to kill all the slave masters in Yunkai, who have re-taken control of the city. Jorah counsels against this: "It's tempting to see your enemies as evil, but there is good and evil on both sides of every war ever fought." We're surprised when he actually changes her mind. Then she also lets him take the credit for the idea when he speaks to Daario -- that will help show Daario that despite last night, Jorah is still an influential member of her circle. Sex apparently improves Dany's managerial skills.

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