Game of Thrones recap: Trial by Fury

There's chaos in the court as abused Tyrion turns the tables on his father's plan
Ep. 06 | Aired May 11, 2014

TYRION'S LAW: Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) thinks the whole system is out of order

Meereen: Mini goats! Aww, they're cute. But cameos by mini goats are no compensation for the lack of Ser Pounce. A dragon rises up from the gorge and I like the way its legs kind of kick in the air as it ascends. The dragon helps itself to some goat take-away. An amazing shot.

Later in Dany's pyramid, the herder throws burned goat bones at her feet. She compensates him with three times his herd's value. I bet that herders everywhere are going to start setting their flocks on fire to try and take advantage of Dany's burned-goat welfare policy.

Next Dany meets a local nobleman, Hizdahr zo Loraq, who gives her lip about crucifying his father, who was apparently against killing those slave kids but died horribly anyway. Dany doesn't want to be bothered by minor gripes like maybe she crucified some innocent people who were really nice if only she had gotten to know them. Can't make an omelet, etc.

Dreadfort: Ramsay mails Yara her brother's dick in a box. Now that song can be going through your head all night too. She stages a rescue mission. The old Theon would have been hugely moved by her supportive speech. Too bad. She expects to find him in the dungeon but he's kept in the kennels instead. He refuses to come with her, denying his own name, and even bites the hand that tries to feed him. Ramsay shows up and fight's Yara's men. Ramsay's all bare chested and scratched up, and I honestly don't know if that's from fighting en route to the dungeons or the lusty sex he was having when Yara's attack interrupted him. Yara barely escapes and declares her brother dead.

Later, Ramsay gives Theon a bath. All I can think while Theon strips is "please don't show it, please don't show it." Thankfully, they don't show it (fun fact: behind the scenes, it was a conversation whether or not to show it). From the healed scars on his body, we get a sense that Theon has been captive for a long time.

We know Ramsay is going to do something horrible to his pet, because he always does. Once again he manages to surprise us with the flavor of his latest torment: Now that Theon has firmly accepted his new identity as "Reek," and has even apparently found some twisted level of comfort in this, Ramsay wants him to "pretend" to be Theon Greyjoy to help acquire a castle (presumably Moat Cailin, which his father tasked him with seizing). Ramsay and Reek have now officially overtaken Jaime and Cersei as the most twisted relationship on this show.

King's Landing: Before we get to the trial, we get a Small Council scene with new member, Prince Oberyn, who seems too cool for this table of schemers and supplicants. The subject at hand: Dany! Here's yet another beat where Tywin is worried about the Mother of Dragons. Clearly this is leading to something, but what? Tywin wants a paper and quill. Uh-oh. When Tywin writes letters, bad things happen to people we like.

Tyrion's trial gets an extended sequence (as Cogman points out in our interview, this is the first Thrones episode ever without a Stark). I suspect this is the episode HBO will submit for Peter Dinklage's Emmy entry. Every time the camera cuts to Tyrion throughout this ordeal, he's subtly giving us information. In fact, all the Lannisters are silently telegraphing so much throughout this sequence.

One of my favorite shots in this episode is Tywin getting into the Iron Throne after Tommen recuses himself. Everybody else we've seen in that impractical double-edged seat of power looks awkward and swallowed-up. He's the first person to sit in the Iron Throne who seems like he had this chair custom made for himself.

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