Game of Thrones recap: Enter the Dragon

The dragon is unleashed as Daenerys seizes control of her destiny in a stunning game-changing episode
Ep. 04 | Aired Apr 21, 2013

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON SNAFU Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is here to kick ass and speak High Valyrian. And she's all out of High Valyrian. 

Dany opens her basket to reveal Drogon on a long chain leash. Kraznys snatches it from her and gives her the golden whip. This gives her command of the Unsullied. "Is it done, then?" she asks. "The bitch has her army," he says in High Valyrian, a language she supposedly doesn't understand. She gives him a cold look, like: Ohhh, that's the last time you're getting away with that.

She stiffly walks down the steps, throat clenched. Ser Jorah watches her, worried. He might be starting to get an inkling here...

Kraznys is struggling with his dragon kite. The scene is very quiet except for Drogon making annoyed noises like a prehistoric bird.

Dany gazes out at the soldiers. The Unsullied are guarded by schlumpy middle-aged men in pastel bathrobes, looking like they went out to grab their morning paper and found a whip instead. Dany then addresses the Unsullied -- in Valyrian!

The instant Dany speaks her first word in Valyrian, there's a great quick cut over to her sexy translator, her head whipping around to look at Dany, like, Oh s--t!

Dany has the soldiers take a few practice steps, testing her remote control. When they obey, she has a look of cold satisfaction. Here we go.

Kraznys, however, is having no luck with Drogon, who refuses to come down. Dany starts laying into him in Valyrian. The Thrones team did a great job on this fictional language (Valyrian is sort of like the Thrones version of Latin). It sounds so authentic and Clarke's impassioned delivery is so convincing, it doesn't even register that she's speaking utter gobbledygook. She just sells it.

"A dragon is not a slave," Dany says. The musical score, which until now during this scene has been silent, starts kicking in with ominous drumming.

The translator watches her old boss' confusion with the barest hint of satisfaction.

Then Dany makes her first of two huge moves:

She orders The Unsullied to kill the slave-masters and set the slaves free, but do not harm any children.

Ser Jorah, his mouth agape, reaches reflexively for his sword. The translator looks scared.

I like that there's a beat during her speech where none of the Unsullied move. They're all: Uh, really? Can we do that? And you know there must be a few thousand men in the back rows who cannot clearly hear her order to kill the slavers. (Dude, did she say ''drill the ravers"? Nah, I'm pretty sure it was "bill the neighbors").

The Unsullied guards, presumably, do not understand Valyrian, or they wouldn't just be strolling along like everything is normal. It doesn't make sense that the abused slaves would be raised to speak a language their guards could not understand, but okay.

Thankfully there's one Unsullied on the aisle who hears Dany just fine. He's all -- F--- yeah! You don't have to ask me twice, I'm skewering this guard right here before she changes her mind.

Kraznys orders his guards to kill Dany. Barristan goes for his sword. And Dany says: "Dracarys." Drogon blasts Kraznys in the face. Yay! And then all hell breaks loose -- again!

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