Game of Thrones recap: 50 Shades of Greyjoy

In the most sex-obsessed episode yet, who has time to fight for the Iron Throne when everybody is so determined to get it on?
Ep. 02 | Aired Apr 8, 2012

Unlike their last fight, Cersei is prepared for Tyrion and isn't going to be hammered by his wit so easily. She says Tyrion has always been funny, like when their mother died giving birth to him. "There's no bigger joke in the world than that," she claims. One suspects Cersei isn't going to be getting laughs at the comedy club open mike night anytime soon, but she does manage to strike one of Tyrion's vulnerable spots.

Dragonstone: Hey is that... is that ... a black guy on Game of Thrones? Yes we can have a diverse cast!

So Davos the smuggler and his son enlist the help of pirate Salladhor Saan for Stannis' quest to conquer King's Landing. Saan would like to include sex with Cersei as part of his pirate booty. He seems to think he could convince her to sleep with him, but we know Cersei wouldn't consider anybody who doesn't share her surname.

In the castle, Stannis examines his wartime map. He's frustrated that he doesn't have enough men to defeat his brother Renly in open war. His sorceress Melisandre says if he wants to win, he must give all of himself to her god. The sacrifice required is for Stannis to have sex with her. Ooookay, if that's what it takes, I guess so…

He throws her naked onto the table. One hopes none of those battle figurines are under her.

North of the Wall: Jon Snow spies Craster carrying out a baby into the woods in the dead of night. He follows and finds … is that a Wildling? A White Walker? Something takes the child. And Craster sneaks up and clocks Jon.

Discussion time! If you read the DVD reviews of Thrones on, the amount of sex in the HBO series is probably the biggest point of debate among viewers. Last week's premiere had just a fleeting glimpse of random brothel bopping. This week might have been the most sex-focused hour yet, with many scenes having either characters chatting about sex or practicing some form of it.

One of these scenes is very crucial to the plot (I'm not saying which one). Others (such as Theon's caustic treatment of the captain's daughter, and virginal Sam tentatively questioning his Night's Watch brothers) helped illuminate the characters. And some (like the whole brothel peephole thing) seemed thrown in for shock value. What do you think? Did Thrones go overboard? Or did you like the way sex was woven into the storytelling? Sound off!

But before you do: Here's last week's premiere recap, for those who missed it. My season 1 recaps here. Follow me on Twitter here. Also, I've been pointing out potential Game of Thrones-inspired band names in the recaps since season one. Time for a vote! Which Thrones-ish band name do you like best?

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