Game of Thrones recap: Best Wedding Ever

Game of Thrones did it again! Another wedding, another huge surprise. A deep-dive look at an unforgettable royal wedding where fans got the best present of them all.
Ep. 02 | Aired Apr 13, 2014

JUST DESSERTS: King Joffrey and Lady Margaery find revenge is a dish best served with a flaky crust

Tywin and Olenna Tyrell: The point of this chat is the reminder that the crown is heavily in debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos, which has a rather fearsome collection policy -- if you don't pay, they fund your enemies. Tywin claims he's not worried. "Come Tywin, let us celebrate young love," Olenna cheerfully says to a heartless man, referring to a king who cannot feel love, and his wife that doesn't love him. Grade: C+

Olyenna and Sansa. The Queen of Thorns has an amazingly ironic line, referring to the Red Wedding: "Killing a man at a wedding! Horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing? As if men need more reasons to fear marriage." Grade: B

Jaime and Loras: Awkward, since Loras is committed to marrying Jaime's lover/sister, something neither of them want. We see, for the first time in a long while, Jaime being charismatic and threatening. He tells Loras of the violent doom that awaits him should he marry Cersei, then reassures: "Lucky for you, none of this will never happen, because she will never marry you." Loras gets a rare winning moment with a knowing comeback: "And neither will you." Grade: A-

Brienne and Cersei: Brienne tries to pay her respects to Joffrey, and he dismisses her with an irritated wave. But Cersei wants to chat. Notice Cersei and Jaime use the exact same family tactic in their frenemy discussions. First they strike up a conversation with cheerful pleasantries and then, once their target is relaxed, they stick a knife in their heart. Cersei is so very jealous of Brienne. Not just of her time with Jaime and their tight bond, but the fact that Brienne has what Cersei wants -- freedom and the ability to defend herself. As we've previously learned, Cersei wishes she were born a man so she wouldn't be "weak" and rely on men and have to follow their orders. Now here comes Brienne, a woman who is such a great fighter that she's even a match for Jaime, and she can do whatever she wants. Naturally, Cersei hates her. "I don't serve your brother, your grace," Brienne tries to assure. Cersei shoots back: "But you love him," and Brienne's looks utterly stricken, like Cersei just nuked her internal switchboard the way no man with a sword ever could. You see, Cersei is a warrior, too, of sorts, and Brienne is not used to people who fight this way. Grade: A

Cersei and PycelleMargaery announced that the leftovers from the feast would be used to feed the poor in King's Landing. That's what a cruel place this city is -- giving the poor your table scraps is considered a bold gesture of royal charity. Cersei threatens the maester and overrides Margery's order, telling him to give the food to the dogs instead. "The leftovers will feed the dogs, or you will," she says. Between stunning Brienne, stomping on Pycelle, and overthrowing Margaery, the former Queen Regent looks so very proud of herself ... for the moment. Grade: B+

Oberyn, Ellaria, Tywin and Cersei: There's not much pleasantries here. Things quickly turns nasty as Prince Obyern pokes the lion with barbs about bastards (of which Oberyn's lover Ellaria is proudly one), the queen's diminishing power, Tywin's wealth and, most sensitively, the Lannisters' alleged wartime crimes against Obyern's family. Tywin knows all about Oberyn's vendetta and tries to coast above this. It's a new tactic from Tywin as normally we see him bully people. But Tywin doesn't want anything from Oberyn and he knows being antagonistic toward the prince would only set him off, so he largely shrugs this off. Oberyn reminds Cersei that her young daughter Myrcella is in Dorne, making the most indirect and vaguest of threats. "People everywhere have their differences," Oberyn says. "In some places the highborn frown upon those of low birth, in others, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful. What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter has been sent to live in the latter sort of place." Thankfully Oberyn and Ellaria didn't seduce Tywin and Cersei into the most world's most awkward four-way. A great scene, though Pedro Pascal's Dorneish accent feels distractingly mannered here compared to last week's intro. Grade: A-

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