Game of Thrones season finale recap: The Walking Dead

Surprise! The 'Thrones' finale unleashes dragons, White Walkers and a resurrected warlord
Ep. 10 | Aired Jun 3, 2012


Wilderness: A man returns! Jaqen H'ghar finds Arya and her companions. She wants to know how he killed the men at the gate and how to learn such a skill. Jaqen reveals he knows her secret list of people that she wants dead — like Joffrey and Cersei. Well, maybe the list is not such a huge secret. If you say a bunch of names aloud every night before you go to sleep, word is bound to get around. Jaqen must be pretty relieved she didn't start naming all the most powerful people in Westeros.

He makes her an offer: Come with him to Braavos (where her fighting instructor from season 1 was from — and, hey, whatever happened to him, anyway?). There she can learn to be a "Faceless Man." She declines, saying she must meet up with her family.

Jaqen gives her a coin and tells her if she ever wants to meet up with him again, to give the coin to anybody from Braavos and say "Valar Morghulis" (he rocks the pronunciation, too). He has her repeat it. I'd ask Jaqen to say it like 10 more times just to make sure I learned it right and, well, also to hear him say it. It's like when an American news anchor suddenly throws out a perfect "Kyrgyzstan." He turns back to her and —

Whoa! Yes. New face. Now we know why Jaqen is called a Faceless Man. Wasn't sure if the TV version of Thrones was going to go there. This is how Jaqen got away with killing all those men.

Winterfell: Bran and Rickon emerge from hiding. Winterfell was burned down. Great, so now the Starks are not only separated and on the run, they have no home. It's left unclear whether Theon's men or Robb's bannermen torched the house.

They find Luwin, mortally wounded, so at least he has the peace of saying goodbye to the kids. He tells them to go north and has Osha put him out of his misery.

We get a couple shots of Bran and Rickon's direwolves. Haven't seen much direwolf action this season, but the story hasn't exactly screamed for it.

They leave Winterfell. Hodor has Bran — in a freakin' wheelbarrow. Poor Bran. Jaqen can change his face, Dany has dragons, Melisandre can see the future. But nobody can make this kid walk again. Sucks.

House of the Undying: The name of this place sounds like a Beverly Hills anti-aging clinic, doesn't it? Like a business where Dany could get some Botox and lipo.

She goes into a circular room where there's a bunch of different doors. I wouldn't sweat which of the doors to choose. When you're dealing with a magical warlock who likes to f--k with people, it probably doesn't matter which door you pick. You're in his funhouse, just go with it.

Dany enters...

NEXT: The badass is back; dragon fire!

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