Fargo recap: And Out Come the Wolves

Lester's heartless plan is set in motion while Malvo seeks revenge and Key and Peele make their debut.
Ep. 07 | Aired May 27, 2014

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Lester twists the facts to place Chazz at the crime scene. He says he came home and overheard him and his wife arguing in the basement, with Pearl saying, "you’re not half the man your brother is." Lester has thrown the line his wife told him -- the one that really set him off before he murdered her -- back in Chazz's face. Lester says he heard the sound of the deathblow, and went downstairs to find Chazz saying it was an accident. The doorbell rang... and now Lester has Bill hanging onto his every word. He's actually giving Lester lines. "Vern?" Bill asks.

Lester says Chazz told him to "take care of it" while he went in the back… "Where you kept the shotgun," Bill says, giving Lester another out. "Where I kept the shotgun," Lester says, admitting (falsely) that he should have known Chazz might grab it. He says he should have told Vern right away what happened, that Chazz had killed Pearl and was still in the house, but "I was afraid, like you said," Lester tries. "Bill, if you think that makes me guilty of something then I want you to throw the book at me. Put me in jail. 'Cause I loved her." And now Bill is actually crying over Lester's act. "You know, Pearl, despite all... she was... my wife." Lester pretends to shed a tear, too.

Bill exits the room, Lester behind him. He walks past the holding cell; Chazz sees him and begins to scream. "Lester! What did you do?!" And Lester smiles as he walks out a free man. Chazz, meanwhile, will be transferred to the county jail until the trial or until he makes bail. But Lester won't be free for long if Molly has anything to say about it.

She wakes up in a Duluth hospital to Greta and Gus in her room. Turns out Grimly did shoot her, but not before she got a shot off at Wrench, who is upstairs in intensive care. If he hadn't been behind her, gun at the ready, she would have been able to take down Malvo, whom she had in her sights after he murdered Numbers. Grimly shamefully admits he was the one who shot her and caused her to lose her spleen. "I’ll get you a new one, I swear," he says. "You better," she answers.

Grimly says he's going to confess and he'll probably lose his badge, but Molly sticks up for him: "You said yourself, blizzard and white-out conditions." Grimly says he's been messing things up from the start, which isn't false. Molly's dad walks in, and Grimly excuses himself.

"Guess we both got bullet holes now, huh?" asks Molly. Her dad sits down, grabs the remote, and puts on the hockey game. This is a father and daughter who talk about everything, and now there are no words. The rumors that she took down a guy with an assault rifle are spreading. "Proud of you," he says, squeezing Molly's arm.

Soon enough she's up and walking; IV pole in hand, she heads to Wrench's room. It's a sorrowful exchange -- Wrench finds out his partner is dead and realizes he may be going to jail for a long, long time, while Molly meditates on the fact that she shot someone and realizes, because he's deaf, there are pieces of information Wrench may not be able to provide her.

As a viewer, it's a relief to see Wrench hasn't been killed off (at least not yet). He's one of the series' most fascinating characters, both as a deaf person, (a category rarely portrayed in pop culture) and in his method of operation. Though brutal, he is careful in the way he approaches his job, and wants to make sure it's done correctly. And while he didn't give her any information in the hospital room, is it possible he knows enough about Lester and Malvo that he can cut a deal with Molly later?

Speaking of Malvo: He is on a rampage. He takes a little side trip to Reno, where his home office is located inside of a "real estate" office. He's looking for answers: Why did Fargo send two thugs after him? He doesn't like the non-answers the boss is giving him. No, the office did not order them. No, he cannot tell him who to question in Fargo.

Malvo gives the man a choice: One phone on his desk calls an ambulance, another calls a hearse. The phone he'll pick up depends on the answer he receives. "Who do I talk to in Fargo?" he asks one more time. We don't know what was said. Malvo leaves, a woman inside the office screams, and he calmly walks away. What will the consequences of his actions be? Does an entire organization now place a target on his back?

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