Fargo recap: Storm of the Century

Malvo's plan results in unexpected consequences while Lester hatches a devious scheme of his own.
Ep. 06 | Aired May 20, 2014

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As he’s driving through the blizzard, Malvo notices a car driving erratically. It swerves in front of him and he slams on the brakes, rear-ending the car, which causes his gun to slide onto the passenger’s side floor. He’s boxed in by another car – Wrench gets out from the car at the rear and begins shooting. He’s firing mercilessly; Malvo can’t reach his gun. Wrench makes it to the door and Malvo kicks it out, causing Wrench to fall backwards in the snow.

Numbers gets out of the first car, heavy artillery in hand. He showers Malvo's car with bullets. They have him surrounded… but he escaped out the passenger’s side door and is hiding behind another parked car. The alarm goes off, giving away his position. They continue firing.

And wouldn’t you know: This is all going down in the same area where Molly’s having coffee with Grimly. Molly tells the owner to call 911. Grimly requests backup.

Malvo appears cornered. Numbers and Wrench sneak up behind the car, but he’s gone. Is this dude supernatural? Sure, it’s snowing and you can barely see anything, but how did he escape? Did he really just walk away?

Malvo sees what appears to be a shed. Numbers and Wrench appear in and out of the snow. It’s so hard to see, they all look like ghosts. It's a beautifully executed scene (no pun intended).

Malvo slices the top of his hand with his knife and lets the blood trickle down into the snow. He moves over to the shed as Numbers picks up the trail.

Molly and Grimly arrive on the scene, with Grimly getting it wrong as usual: “Fender bender? Words exchanged?” Molly sees this for what it is: "That’s a heck of a lot of bullets fired for a fender bender."

Malvo tricked Numbers, who goes to the door and is subsequently stabbed in the back by Malvo, who was hiding around the side. Numbers’ gun goes off, signaling Grimly and Molly. Molly takes off. Grimly wants to wait for backup.

"Who?" Malvo asks. He stabs Numbers again. "Who?" He twists the knife. "Fargo," Numbers says, then Malvo slits his throat. He grabs the gun and walks in the opposite direction of Molly.

She and Grimly arrive at the shed. Grimly is most definitely correct in predicting that Numbers is dead. And then he notices Molly has disappeared. He stands, hesitating with every move. He’s frightened and cold and shivering. He hears Molly in the distance, announcing herself as a police officer, then hears gunfire. "Halt!" he says stupidly, then fires blindly into the snow. He walks over. Molly is down, and he is likely the one who shot her. Why is he just sitting there feeling sorry for himself? Why isn’t he trying to see if she is still alive?? Looks like the speech he gave Molly in the coffee shop about never actually wanting to be a cop wasn't just confirmation of everything we already thought about Grimly – it was sad foreshadowing, too.

So where's Milos in all of this, as the chaos Malvo set in place to divert his mark was going down? Turns out he did drive to that parking garage with the money. But flashbacks to how he found the money in the first place, and a call from Semenchko – who can really rock a union suit – gave him a change of heart.

"It’s not about the money; it’s bigger than that," Milos says. "I know what I’ve got to do now. Give me an hour and head back. Tell the damn kid I love him." Semenchko refuses the latter order.

Milos attempts to leave the garage, and in yet another homage to the Fargo movie, the attendant wants him to pay, even though Milos never even got out of his car. He tells the kid that God told him what to do, and that includes opening the gate. “Your Lord demands it,” he says.

The kid listens and lets him go without paying the $2.

So what was the divine intervention Milos was referring to? Well, he drives to that spot on the side of the road in the middle of Minnesota nowhere, where he first found that briefcase full of money. He grabs the money and trudges through the snow, over to the fence, where he buries it. He looks left, looks right, sees nothing but snow and fields and trees. He shoves the ice scraper into the snow, blade first, so the bright handle is sticking up. And he walks away.

Meanwhile, Semenchko is driving Demitri home. It looks like the snow has finally let up, but what the hell? There is something falling from the sky. It’s… fish? Hundreds of fish, pelting the car, littering the road. Semenchko can’t keep control…

And that's where Milos finds him, thrown from the car on the side of the fish-covered road, face down in the snow. (Some of the fish are still alive, gasping – nice effect.) He walks farther and sees the car flipped on its roof over an embankment. Demitri, covered in blood, is motionless in the car. Milos weeps. He gave the money back. He doesn’t understand how or why this could happen.

Seriously though, how the heck did Malvo make that happen?

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