Fargo recap: Storm of the Century

Malvo's plan results in unexpected consequences while Lester hatches a devious scheme of his own.
Ep. 06 | Aired May 20, 2014

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Chazz leaves, and that's when the light bulb goes off. Lester once again hops out of bed. He starts pulling the covers off of his roommate and throws the bandaged sap onto his own bed. He wraps the man in the blankets and covers his head so it looks like he’s sleeping. Is the man conscious? Did see Lester try to escape and listen to Chazz accuse him of murder? There's not much he can do about it either way.

Lester grabs his clothes out of the closet and puts them under the covers. He grabs bandages and starts wrapping them around his face. Can he wrap himself up before the nurse arrives? He does a good enough job, hops into his roommate's vacated bed, and is rolled out by the nurse. He moans to really play up the charade; she leaves him in the hall, saying someone will be out for him in a minute. And when she leaves, Lester springs into action. The bandages come off, the scarf and coat and boots go on. Very smartly, he pulls the bed through the opposite doors so the nurse will think he's been properly moved into examination. He just so happens to be by the staff locker room, where he grabs someone's keys, walks outside into the snow (it’s really coming down now), pushes the remote clicker, and sits down inside the car, relieved that he's becoming pretty good at this criminal stuff.

Oh, but the plan gets more devious. At home, he retrieves the murder weapon from a hole behind the fish poster (so that's where he hid it post-washing machine). He pulls out a box full of old photos and grabs a boudoir shot of Pearl. He grabs a pair of her underwear out of the laundry hamper, and it's onto phase 3.

Lester sneaks into Chazz’s garage, calling out to see if anyone is home. He opens the gun case, pushes back the rifles and shotguns, and places the hammer, photo, and lingerie in the back shelf. He pauses at a picture of his brother and his family, and maybe, just maybe, feels a slight twinge of regret looking at the face of little Gordon. He opens the case again and grabs a handgun. He walks into Gordon’s room and wipes off the gun with his scarf, then places it into the kid’s backpack. No, nevermind -- Lester has no remorse of any kind. Chazz was right. Something is broken.

Gordon spots him walking down from the second floor; they look at each other in a painfully long exchange, but it turns out the kid doesn’t really think twice about it. Lester was staying with them, after all. His uncle, the killer, walks out, returns to the hospital, and finishes his plan. He makes it back to the bed in time to rewrap his face in bandages and for the nurse to find her "lost" patient. Back in his room, Lester makes the full switch with his roommate. He sits up in his bed by the window, staring into space, hands folded. Does he feel anything? If he’s trying to frame a kid, no. And then, he smiles. No, Lester feels nothing but pleasure thinking he is going to get away with murder.

Malvo is also pretty damn confident that he won't get caught for his crimes. He's so sure of that fact, he uses the snowstorm as a backdrop for a killing spree. When Don finally comes to, he finally realizes he's not getting any of that blackmail money – he's duct taped to a stationary bike directly in front of the door. Malvo has a gun and is listening to a police scanner. "In case Stavros does call the cops, we want to make sure they’re too busy to respond," he says, smiling. He places the gun in Don’s hands, which are taped to the handlebars. He’s a soulless, crafty criminal.

Don tries to protest. He’s crying as Malvo tapes the gun to his hands. Don attempts to pull the trigger. "That’s OK," Malvo says. "I’d be insulted if you didn’t try."

Malvo’s got his own gun taped to a chair by the window. This time, he’s wearing gloves. He shoots into the street, where people are walking. He doesn’t hit them, but makes enough noise and damage for someone to call the cops almost instantly. Don finally sees where this is going as Malvo packs his own weapon and bag and exits out a back door.

The resulting police showdown is brutal, a true testament to Malvo's sadistic side. It all plays out slowly, but you know how this is going to end. The cops show up. No, it looks like every cop in Duluth has showed up. The team moves in; one cop triggers a tripwire, which fires multiple blasts out into the street and in the path of the police. The cops return fire as Don, the helpless pawn, tries to dodge the bullets. Was he hit?

They're given the order to breach the house. Don manages to move the tape from his lips and screams wait, but he’s too late. They throw a flash bomb into the window and it goes off; Don is stunned. They open the door and see a gun; multiple officers begin firing and Don is covered in a hail of bullets that forces his body to writhe left and right. What was it? One hundred shots? His body falls limp, blood dripping from his mouth. How long before they see what really happened? Is this an echo of the infamous Sioux Falls incident that both the Duluth cops and Molly's dad remember in anger?

"Suspect is down," Malvo hears on his scanner. Everything is going to plan. Except…

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