Fargo recap: Raised by Wolves

Lester's close call leads to a break for Molly, while Grimly gets caught up in Malvo's plan, which is nearly complete.
Ep. 05 | Aired May 13, 2014

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Meanwhile, Malvo is driving Milos to Phoenix Farms. Milos goes into his office and pulls out that old briefcase that once was his godsend. He begins filling it with money when his son Dimitri walks in.

Dimitri says he was talking to the bug guy, who said the cricket situation was really weird. They weren’t local crickets; they were the kind that you buy at the local pet store to feed your lizard.

"God sent them," Milos insists.

But it turns out Demitri has some brains after all. He called all the local pet stores, and wouldn’t ya know… but Milos doesn't have time for his fool of a son, and he's going to lose a million dollars because of it.

At the hospital, Molly is fighting with the vending machine when the doctor comes over to give her an update on Lester. He hand is "super infected"; the doctor drained the wound, removed the “foreign object,” cut away the necrotic tissues (shiver), and filled him with IV antibiotics. He won’t lose the hand, but it’s close.

Molly wants to know more about this foreign objet, which the doc says appeared to be a shotgun pellet, possibly with some fabric attached to it… like it had passed through something or someone first. Molly wants to talk to Lester, but it's going to be a while before he can answer any questions.

By the way, the doc wants to know: Did she see Ida? She had the baby, a girl, Bernadette.

But before she pays Ida a visit, Molly is going to do some more (illegal) police work. She drives to Lester's house and opens the door with the spare key that is unsurprisingly hidden under the doormat. Molly wipes her feet and walks in. It’s hard, seeing that bloodstain still on the floor. She walks down to the basement, flashlight in hand. Blood still stains the walls, the fish poster. She looks around and stops at the washing machine, so Lester's mumblings must have seemed like a clue. She moves the washer and unhooks a hose. She unscrews the back with a coin and inspects the insides. She fishes her hand inside and finds… nothing. It's a nice little suspenseful scene because we know the washer had been Lester's hiding place for the hammer he used as a murder weapon. But why would she think to take apart an appliance to look for clues? Why isn't she pulling the shotgun out of evidence?

Onto the next monologue, this one from Malvo while driving Milos back to his house. He brings up St. Lawrence, the man whom Milos honored with a stained glass window in his home. The Romans burned him alive; why?

"'Cause he was Christian," Milos says.

Maybe, but Malvo has other ideas. "I think it’s because the Romans were raised by wolves. Greatest empire in human history, founded by wolves." Malvo smiles. "You know what wolves do: They hunt. They kill. It’s why I never bought into The Jungle Book. The boy’s raised by wolves; he becomes friends with a bear and a panther. I don’t think so. I knew a guy once had a 110-lb. Rotweiler; one night this girl thought it’d be funny to get down on all fours, let the dog hump her. Dog still had its balls. Well the dog gets up there but he’s not in on the joke. This is just a bitch in heat as far as he’s concerned. He’s not leaving until he gets what he came for. Well the girl too late realizes the kind of mistake she’s made; she wants to get up. But the dog had other ideas. Had to shoot it behind the ear to get it off of her."

Milos is trying to comprehend. These metaphors aren't going over well.

"Well I’m saying the Romans, raised by wolves, they see a guy turning water into wine, what do they do? They eat him," Malvo says. "'Cause there are no saints in the animal kingdom. Only breakfast and dinner."

Malvo eyes Milos, sitting behind him, and the mood turns even more sinister. As he drives around a bend he sees a man in the road; it’s Grimly. But Malvo doesn’t plow him over, he turns on the brights, blinding Grimly, and continues driving. Not a good time to start trying to be a detective, Grimly.

Malvo pulls up to the house and opens the trunk. Milos grabs the money and dismisses Malvo; their business has come to an end. Milos forks over some cash and tells Malvo to hit the road by dawn. Malvo says he's sorry it didn't work out, though you know he's going to make that million dollars his own.

Elsewhere, it looks like Grimly gave up on his investigation for the night as he pulls up to his apartment building. He gets a call from Molly, who's still in Lester's basement. A van pulls up, lights off, as Grimly walks toward his building. It's Malvo.

Grimly tries to go over the clues with Molly, but he admits that he's not sure what he's looking for. "Plus, you know, it’s dark out, so maybe I'll go back out tomorrow," he says.

Molly says she was thinking about driving out to Duluth in the morning to take a look at Lester’s car. And then she tries to set up another cop date: Maybe they can get together afterwards, compare notes on this thing. Gus says he’d like that, but is he going to make it 'til tomorrow?

Malvo is listening on his police scanner. He turns on his walkie-talkie; he listens in on Greta’s conversation with someone helping her with homework. Grimly’s neighbor knocks on Malvo’s window.

"You’re not supposed to be here," the man on neighborhood watch wisely observes.

"Oh no, I’m pretty sure I’m right where I’m supposed to be," he says, rolling his window back up.

The man knocks again, and the conversation escalates. "You have black eyes. You’re trouble. I’m going inside and I’m calling the cops," the man says.

Once again, Malvo picks up on his prey's fears and exploits them. "You know, some people think you don’t need alarms on second story windows. Think they can save a few bucks and still be safe. Another way they save money is they don’t hook up the alarm to the phone line. So the bell rings but the cops don’t come. Or they come but only after the neighbors call. Which if this community’s tight, as you say, you know, just might be quick enough to save your life. Or your children’s lives, maybe."

Malvo rolls up the window and drives away.

Back at the hospital, Molly polices the police, who are being rowdy outside of Ida's room. She kicks them out and goes in to see the baby. She and Ida make small talk about the brand new little girl but quickly get to it: "How much do you wanna…" Molly begins to ask, but Ida cuts her off. "I don’t need details just tell me you’re taking care of it."

"I’m trying, yeah," Molly says quietly.

The baby cries. The focus is taken away from the murder investigation. and placed back on Bernadette. "Vern’s idea," Ida says, "his mother’s name. I wanted Ally. And now he’s dead. That man always knew how to win an argument." They both laugh sadly.

Ida instructs Molly to get some sleep. Molly says she's heading to Duluth in the morning but she'll check back in tomorrow. But the way everything is going, who's still going to be standing tomorrow?

Before she leaves the hospital, Molly walks over to Lester's room. He's on his side facing away from her, so she can't tell he's actually awake. When Lester hears someone enter his room, he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep. But Molly’s on to him, and without even seeing who just walked in, he knows it.

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