Fargo recap: Conning the Cons

Molly's "naked fella" investigation turns up a surprising clue, Lester's return to work leads to more trouble, Malvo gets into the blackmail game, and Gus comes clean
Ep. 03 | Aired Apr 29, 2014

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Milos is also in trouble.

Malvo is in his home office, staring at a framed painting of an ice scraper. There’s a hand statue, and a giant stained glass mural of St. Lawrence, "patron saint of badasses, burnt alive by the Romans," Milos explains. "Know what he said? Turn me over, I’m done on this side."

Milos is, of course, livid over the murder of his dog. He's breathless. Malvo is calm. "He raised his price," the two-timing hit man says. Milos is outraged. A million dollars after killing his dog? His response: "Eat a turd."

Milos says it can't be his ex-wife, she loved the dog, too. Malvo wants to know who else knows about the money.

"Nobody knows, it’s impossible," Milos says. Malvo wants to know what that's supposed to mean, but Milos won't budge. Instead he pops his not-acetaminophen like candy. Malvo asks to move onto the property "until this thing's over," using the line that the culprit came to the house once and might do it again. Milos unwisely agrees.

Meanwhile, Grimly isn't getting any closer to finding his suspect. He realizes it's time to tell Bemidji what happened. Greta suggests telling them in person.

And so they go on a road trip to Bemidji, where Molly once again gets reprimanded by the new chief. She shows him the picture of Malvo, which she admits to showing to Lester, but "not officially."

"You should’ve seen his face, it was like he saw a ghost," Molly says. "Lester knows this fella."

Bill is "super ticked" that she's pestering Lester again. "Solve the naked guy," he says. "If this is your suspect, put out an APB and we’ll get him in."

Later, Grimly and Greta walk into the Bemidji station. Molly is up front at reception filing something, and runs over when Gus says he needs to talk to someone about Lester Nygaard. She suggests talking at her desk.

Grimly explains his story (again), ending with the car belonging to Lester.

"Son of a…he told me his car was in the shop," Molly says.

"Here’s the thing: Lester wasn’t driving," Grimly admits. Molly pulls out the pic of Malvo. "Holy cow. Yeah. That’s…. I think that’s him," Grimly says.

"Security camera, caught him over in St. Paul kidnapping an accountant," Molly explains. And then she wants to know why he only found out later it wasn't Lester -- didn't Grimly check the guy's license and registration?

"I asked but he threatened me," Grimly admits. "And I uh… it’s no excuse but he’s a really dangerous-looking fella and had these really scary looking eyes…." Greta walks in and absolves her dad of being a coward, asking for money for the vending machine. Using her as a device as someone who 1. has all the answers, 2. is the voice of reason, and 3. always appears at the exact opportune moment is, so far, the weakest aspect of this series' storytelling.

Molly asks about their situation. It’s been just him and Greta for the last 10 years. She softens, and asks Gus if they want to join her for dinner.

At Lou's, Gus and Greta seem to like Molly. When her former cop dad notices Grimly's uniform, he asks if he's associated with Ben Schmidt, who turns out to be Grimly's boss. Lou recalls a deal they had back in the day, a joint task force in Sioux Falls. "That was not a good situation," he says. Hmmm.

Molly and the Grimlys bond over milkshakes and burgers and "something green." "It’s a bit strange, Lester never reporting his car stolen," Gus surmises. "Yep, I think he’s involved in some nasty business," says Molly.

Molly asks Greta if she has a boyfriend. She brings up the spider-laying-eggs-in-a-guy's-neck story and you have to wonder: Did Molly actually set this up as a kind of cop date?

"Not sure I want to live in a world where that can happen to a person," Molly says of the baby spider incident. You get the feeling she'll see a lot worse before season's end.

And Lester is preparing for the worst. In Chazz's garage, he tries out a Taser and sticks it in his coat pocket. Chazz, who was facing the gun cabinet with headphones on, turns around, finally noticing Lester (but not the Taser). "So which one makes the biggest hole?" Lester asks. They go out and give that hulking automatic assault rifle a try, and for the first time all series, Lester looks like he may truly be dangerous -- and happy.

"And behold, the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself in the river," Malvo says in a voiceover. "And her maids walked by the river’s brink, and when she saw the basket in the sedges she sent one of her maids for it. And when it was brought she opened it and saw within an infant crying. And having compassion she said, this is one of the babes of the Hebrews. And she adopted him for a son and called him Moses, saying, 'Because I took him out of the water.' One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out among his people and saw their affliction. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, his brethren. Looking this way and that way and seeing no people, Moses slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand."

The passage is said over a montage of Lester shooting, Numbers and Wrench holed up in an ice-fishing house, and Milos trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with him while popping more of the wrong pills. Milos enters the shower, and suddenly the water turns to blood. He realizes what is happening and screams. Cut to Malvo walking out of the home, smiling, carrying a red-covered book/notebook…and hiding canisters of pig’s blood in the trunk of a car.

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