Fargo recap: Conning the Cons

Molly's "naked fella" investigation turns up a surprising clue, Lester's return to work leads to more trouble, Malvo gets into the blackmail game, and Gus comes clean
Ep. 03 | Aired Apr 29, 2014

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Meanwhile in Duluth, Gus Grimly is still feeling sorry for himself over that bad guy who got away. He runs the plates from that ticket he never actually wrote and discovers the car is registered to…Lester Nygaard. He doesn’t seem to know the connection yet, but he does realize that it’s not the guy who was driving.

Grimly goes to talk to the lieutenant…in the bathroom, where he’s "taking a dump." Grimly wants to talk about that triple homicide and is reprimanded: Talk to your shift commander. To add insult to injury, he’s mistaken for another cop, corrects the lieutenant (who thinks he’s animal control), and launches into his Malvo story: He let the guy go with a warning, but it turns out the car belongs to one of the victims.


The lieutenant busts out of the stall, pissed. He tries to understand how badly Grimly screwed up while buttoning his pants, saying "it’s goddamn Sioux Falls all over again." (Foreshadowing!) Grimly is instructed to look through every mug book in the state to find this guy -- and personally make the call to Bemidji to let them know he's a terrible cop (or something to that effect), absolving the rest of the department from "dips--ttery."

Cut to Lester's house, where Pearl has left us two more nuggets of wisdom: "The key to life is happiness" and "hope" are written out on the refrigerator. Lester's at the kitchen table, hearing his wife nagging from beyond the grave, looking into living room, which he still hasn’t cleaned up -- at all. Even that coffee cup is still there. He flashes to the chief getting shot…and decides it's time to go back to work.

He drives to the insurance office, where the secretary gives him a hug. Boss Bo Munk asks if he wants to help out by running some papers over to the Hess widow, on account of her husband being murdered ("uh-oh," the secretary says, trying to protect Lester). He has a "dentist thing" so it would be a big help. Lester agrees.

We see two arrows shot in a "for sale" sign -- guess we’re at the Hess house now. Yep, there are the hooligans brothers, harassing Lester. Gina Hess opens the door. "Get off the guy and quit shooting up the lawn sign," she scolds. "They’re wolves," she adds. "What do you want?"

She perks up when Lester says he's from Monk Insurance. "Why didn’t you say so?" she asks. "Do you want a whisky? When do I get my money?"

Lester tries to offer his condolences. Gina, wearing a hooded pink robe, lights a cigarette, holding what could be described as an adult sippy cup. She's obviously only concerned about the money, the only thing she ever cared about in her relationship with Sam.

Lester begins to explain that in the case of murder, there is a different process for the paperwork. Interesting how he keeps it together, being so complicit in Sam's death.

"Wait a minute, you’re that guy -- your wife was killed and the chief of police, he was murdered at your house, right?" Gina asks. "I think you better have that whisky."

And suddenly they’re in the living room and she's coming onto him: "You should get out there, date."

"Did you like her, your wife?" Gina asks. She hated her husband, met him as a stripper in Vegas. Lester admits he's never been to a strip club. She plays with her robe. "Well, I was good," she says. "I’ve got great tits and I’m super flexible" -- demonstrating that last bit by putting an Ugg-footed leg up by his shoulder. She lounges on the arm rest, boobs in his face. "Tell me handsome, what’s a girl got to do to get that money?" She puts her leg up again…

And her son sees her though the window and shoots his brother in the ass with an arrow. Lester looks out at the scene and notices that there are two men in the woods also watching. It's Numbers and Wrench.

Back in Duluth, Malvo is visiting a drug dealer who appears to be quite professional. He has a very clean, organized van full of illegal merchandise. Malvo wants Adderall, and a high dosage, too: "Just pretend I’m a 300 lb. 9 year-old who can’t finish a sentence," he says. The guy also tries to sell him a zombie survival kit -- really? Were the undead such a big deal back in 2006?

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