Almost Human recap: Send in the Clones

John and Dorian get some unlikely help from a psychic while chasing a team of killer clones
Ep. 05 | Aired Dec 9, 2013

I THINK WE'RE A CLONE NOW Will John and Dorian survive the attack of the clones?


Later, Maya testifies that she saw Avery kill Dr. Fuller. Maldonado turns Avery's earlier taunts against him, saying his evil deeds will outshine his upstanding reputation and eventually he'll be forgotten. On her way out, the prosecutor flirts with her. While it's nice to see Lili Taylor's character driving the plot for once, does she have to be painted as a sadsack workaholic stereotype who perks up when a man finally notices her? She just caught a bad guy using holograms, for Pete's sake. Give her some credit. At least they didn't cut to her at home talking to her seven android cats.

Outside, Dorian gives Maya a box of evidence recovered from her house to help her communicate with her dead parents. Awww, Dorian is like a robot fairy godmother. Back at the station, John is watching soccer. Stahl joins him and offers him some...bourbon!! Wait, people running... bourbon... Maya's vision has come true!

Overall this was a fun episode, though I'm starting to get antsy for a return to the plot points set up back in episode one. (I hoped Maya's vision would be about John's missing ex-girlfriend, but that didn't pan out.) As we discussed last week, FOX is airing the episodes out of order in an effort to draw in viewers with standalone crime procedural plots. (After the pilot, we jumped to episode five. This week's outing is actually episode eight, not five.)

Unfortunately this move may end up hurting the show in the long run. Besides the dangling story points from the pilot (so has Insyndicate just been chilling out this whole time?), we were denied the chance to see John and Dorian's partnership grow from an uneasy union to their current level of mutual respect. Next week, Fox is airing episode three. If all of a sudden John is wary about his new android partner, that'll be quite the odd tonal shift after three episodes that leaned heavily on the "buddy" side of the buddy cop genre. Hopefully Fox will get back on schedule as we head into 2014. (Or is that 2049??)

Next week: A timely look at the health care system in 2048. Also, exploding hearts!

Bonus video of the week: The opening theme song of the short-lived RoboCop TV series. The next time someone complains about the upcoming big screen reboot, remind them that it could be a whole lot worse.

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