Almost Human recap: Send in the Clones

John and Dorian get some unlikely help from a psychic while chasing a team of killer clones
Ep. 05 | Aired Dec 9, 2013

I THINK WE'RE A CLONE NOW Will John and Dorian survive the attack of the clones?


In the hospital, Maya reveals to Dorian that she got the brain-enhancing procedure in the hopes of connecting with her dead parents. However, her family home burned down, and she doesn't have any items to help her commune with her parents. While searching through Fuller's records, Stahl finds a letter from Dr. Fuller to Avery and asks her MX to send everything to Maldonado. Avery's clones then show up, taking out the MX and capturing Stahl.

Back at the station, John has determined that the clones used a communicator device from the safe house MX to keep tabs on Maya. Maldonado reads the letter Stahl found and determines that Dr. Fuller was the one who cloned Avery. The doctor was going to publish his findings and expose the clones, so Avery killed him. Avery's clone calls John and demands the actual Avery in exchange for Stahl. The clones seem to have the upper hand, but Maldonado has a plan...

At the jail, Maldonado escorts Avery out while Rudy projects their holographic image at the meeting spot.  The clones are fooled at first, but unfortunately the hologram image flickers. A gunfight ensues, and Stahl breaks free from her clone captor. The clones speed off, but Dorian uses his super robot speed to catch up with them and then proceeds to flip over their van, which rightly impresses Stahl. If she thinks that's impressive, she should visit the robot locker room sometime. Goodnight, folks! Try the veal, tip your waiters. But seriously, the show would so benefit from a human/robot love triangle. It's only a matter of time before some human falls for Dorian, right? Give the fan fiction authors what they want, show!

NEXT: One bourbon, one shot, and one robot...

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