Emily Owens, M.D. recap: Sister Sister

Emily deals with sisters with bad hair and a lady patient with questionable taste in rom coms. 
Ep. 04 | Aired Nov 13, 2012

RUN RESIDENT RUN: Emily (Mamie Gummer) takes a pause upon realizing this photo may not actually be from the most recent episode. 

The other major medical drama concerned an young couple in an arranged marriage. The wife, a major rom com fan who who name-dropped Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally, was facing kidney failure but wouldn't accept her husband's organ donation; she didn't wanna commit to him by sharing organs and wanted true romance. Um gurl—you need a kidney. You can have candlelit dinners later. Like take the kidney and divorce him later. She at one point even said "I'm not that into you." Nope! You are on your deathbed and are not allowed to quote mediocre Ginnifer Goodwin movies based on relationship books!
She eventually goes into a coma and her husband makes the executive decision to go through with the transplant. The wife wakes up and is moved by the romantic gesture. This girl lady has clearly been real screwed up by having too many Netflix nights.
Throughout all of this, Emily and Cassandra continued their rivalry over Will. I am so confused by this storyline because Will is a big giant dud in Lenscrafters glasses. Also, Emily asked him if he would not go out with Cassandra and he said "I'll think about it." This dude is a total d-bag, Emily! Wake up and smell the cute surgeon who let you operate on the kidney transplant lady aka the doctor played by Michael Rady.
There just is zero chemistry between these actors so the love triangle has no zip. I feel like this show needs an Grey's Anatomy Addison kinda character or something to add to the mix. It all feels a little blah.
The hour ended with all the doctors going to a local bar which was all very Grey's. It's unfortunate because it just reminded me of how good that medical drama was compared to this fluffy one.
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