Downton Abbey season finale recap: London Calling

As Rose is presented at court, Mary refuses to choose between her men, and the Crawley family finds themselves in the middle of a potential royal scandal. Meanwhile, evidence that Bates did kill Mr. Green comes to light. Plus, a visit from the Americans!
Ep. 08 | Aired Feb 23, 2014

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Meanwhile, Edith decides to take her daughter back from the family she left her with in Switzerland. There's been news of Michael -- he got into a fight with a gang who wore brown shirts and said horrible things -- and that's all anyone knows. I guess Michael isn't a Nazi after all; he just gets into fights with them. Since she has power of attorney over Michael's affairs, she wants to give their daughter some of his money. I wonder if she'll continue paying for Gregson's crazy wife?

Because she has a thing for Downton farmers, Edith goes back to her original plan, enlisting Thomas Drew to raise the baby. She tells Drew the child is the daughter of a friend of hers who has died. Drew clearly knows it's hers, but plays along and agrees to keep the secret. Drew has been very honorable this season, so maybe he will.

Now for everyone else...

Martha and Harold: Cora's mother and brother are preyed upon by Lord Aysgarth and his daughter Madeleine for the Levinson fortune. Aysgarth pushes his daughter on Harold, while attempting to woo Martha for himself. Harold, sensing Aysgarth's plan, is rude to Madeleine, who eventually appreciates Harold's bluntness and agrees to be his friend. Martha, also aware of Aysgarth's intentions, turns Aysgarth down. She does, though, offer to bring him to Newport and introduce him to rich widows who desire English titles.

Tom and Sarah Bunting: This is still happening. Sarah's disapproval of Tom's involvement with his wife's family doesn't stop her from asking to visit Downton, where she insists on seeing the gallery from the upstairs. At that precise moment, Thomas appears from the shadows. Tom bumbles through an explanation. Thomas insinuates that he believes Tom and Sarah have been doing it. Barrow tells Robert as much when they both arrive in London. Nothing really comes of it.

Daisy, Ivy, and Ethan: Harold's valet Ethan crushes on Daisy and asks her to come to America to cook for Mr. Levinson, since he enjoys her English kitchen skills so much. Daisy doesn't want to go, but Ivy does. And Daisy encourages Ethan to take her instead. Ethan agrees. Farewell, Ivy!

Thomas, Baxter, and Molesley: Thomas wants information from Baxter. Molesley helps her stand up to him. This is boring.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes: Mrs. Hughes spends a great deal of effort to inception Mr. Carson into taking everyone to the beach instead of Madame Tussaud's or Westminster Abbey. It works, and the staff gets a day by the sea. The episode ends with these two hand in hand in the water. It's very cute.

The Dowager's best quotes:

His majesty is not an admirer of the new world.

Is that American for hello?

How curious these phrases are?

To Tom, after he asks her to dance: I know I can trust you to steer.

What did you think of the season four finale? Is it enough to tide you over until next year?

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