Downton Abbey recap: A Short Question

Mary receives a surprising question, Anna freezes Bates out, Edna makes a play for Tom, and Rose meets a new friend
Ep. 03 | Aired Jan 19, 2014

WILL YOU 'MARY' ME? I like Tony and Mary together. Sorry, Matthew.


21. Edna: She's gone! (Hopefully for good!)

20. Tom: He's gross.

19. Robert: He moves up! But only because Tom and Edna are worse. (Although, he does have a nice moment where he tells Bates not to worry about his marriage to Anna.)

18. Thomas: He is his typical self. Next.

17. Mrs. Patmore: She's just trying to keep the peace among her high school-like charges.

16. Mrs. Hughes: Okay, it's great that she helps Tom. What's not so great is how she threatens to tie Edna down and rip her clothes off so a doctor can examine the maid.

15. SASYB: Convincing a woman you are not married to is never a good idea. Look at what happened to Mr. Pamuk!

14. Cora: It's kind of gross how obvious she is about wanting Gillingham and Mary together.

13. Jimmy: He continues his quest for Ivy. We'll see where this goes.

12. Molesley: Is it bad that I barely remember him in this episode?

11. Ivy and Daisy: Daisy is really bratty when she tricks Alfred into walking in on Jimmy and Ivy kissing. Downgrade. (Sorry, Ivy. It's not you, it's her.)

10. Edith: As bad of an influence as SASYB is, I'm glad she's being a little more adventurous and not a goody-two-shoes.

9. Alfred: He wants to be a chef!

8. Carson: He's cute about his long-lost lady love.

7. Rose: She finally sort of gets a plot of her own! When she's embarrassed on the dance floor, the jazz singer comes to her rescue, and the two have a moment.

6. Mary: It's sad that she turns down Gillingham's proposal. Yet, it probably is too soon, post-Matthew.

5. Lord Gillingham: No, he's not Matthew. But he's cute and sweet. Even if he does prematurely propose.

4. Anna and Bates: It's hard to move them down, but it's hard to watch this storyline, too.

3. Isobel: She's very gracious about Lord Gillingham and Mary's possible romance, which is clearly very hard for her.

2. Jack Ross: Dude can sing!

1. Violet: Even when she does very little, she's still the best.

The Dowager's best quotes:

If we only had moral thoughts, what would the poor churchman find to do?

I hope you find a way to make friends with the world again.

So another brick is pulled from the wall.

Violet, on SASYB and Edith: That's the next thing to look forward to.
Robert: I don't dislike him.
Violet: Oh, what a recommendation.

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