Downton Abbey recap: Anna And The Footman

Fancy English people arrive at Downton for a house party; Anna is attacked by one of the visiting footmen
Ep. 02 | Aired Jan 12, 2014

UGH This is Bates warning Anna about Mr. Green -- he's not sure why, he just has a feeling.


The weekly rankings, with new characters!

20. Robert: On top of everything, he's a degenerate gambler. Great.

19. Edna: She's still bothering Tom. She refuses to do her work. She gets him drunk to presumably have her way with him. Yuck.

18. Tom: After a promising start, he maybe, kind of sleeps with Edna? Nope.

17. Thomas: Does he do anything in this hour?

16. Carson: He's such a snob.

15. Jimmy: The cute footman is kind of silly in this episode.

14. Mrs. Patmore: She stresses herself -- and the rest of us -- out.

13. Rose: She doesn't do much this episode except dance and flirt.

12. Edith: She's annoying, and obvious, in her quest to get Robert to like SASYB.

11. SASYB: In the face of Robert's dismissive behavior, SASYB still saves his hosts "bacon," by beating Sampson at cards and winning back everyone's money. He can stay. For now.

10. Alfred: He steps up to cook the sauces post-Patmore meltdown. Points for Alfred!

9. Ivy and Daisy: Like Rose, they don't have much to do. Although Daisy does take charge when Mrs. Patmore falls ill.

8. Cora: She moves up because she rightly admonishes her husband and Carson for not inviting Dame Melba to dine with the party.

7. Mary: She gets upset that Rose brought down Matthew's grammophone and stops dancing with the cute Lord Gillingham, which only serves to make him more attracted to her.

6. Molesley: I forgot him last week! Poor chap is reduced to being a fill-in footman and delivery

5. Isobel: She admirably, if not heartbreakingly, watches life go on in a post-Matthew world.

4. Mrs. Hughes: Her compassion toward Anna earned her a few spots this week.

3. Lord Gillingham: I really wanted to dislike him on principle, since he's not Matthew. But this "glamorous pirate," as Robert calls him, won me over, and definitely has a thing for Mary.

2. Anna and Bates: This episode is devastating for them. They will stay here for now.

1. Violet: I doubt anyone can knock her off this perch.

And the Dowager's best quotes:

Violet: I'm afraid Tom's small talk is very small indeed.
Robert: Not everyone can be Oscar Wilde.
Violet: That's a relief.

If I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upperclass.

Don't use me as an excuse. If you don't want to dance, tell him.

Better by far that you should forget and smile than remember and be sad.

Violet, on Dame Melba: I thought she was going to sing after dinner.
Isobel: She is.
Violet: Then why would we want to see her before?

What a relief. I thought we might be in for some dreadful German lieder. You can always count on Puccini.

Guilt has not played a major part in my life.

And now, a poll:

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