Downton Abbey season finale recap: The Long And Winding Road

The Crawley family travels to Duneagle Castle to visit their cousins, and fate has plans for Matthew and Mary
Ep. 07 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

I WILL REMEMBER YOU Matthew and Mary, in better times.


Mary worries that Matthew is not with her, but Isobel comforts her daughter-in-law. Before we know it, Mary has a baby boy, and Matthew is in the hospital room with both of them. Let's savor their last moments together, shall we?

"My dearest little chap," Matthew says as he holds his son.  "I wonder if he has any idea how much joy he brings with him."

"Just think, we've done our duty. Downton is safe," Mary says. "Papa must be dancing a jig."

"I'm dancing a jig," Matthew exclaims. "I feel like I swallowed a box of fireworks." (Thank goodness they didn't decide to kill him off this way.)

Then we get hit over the head with what we're about to lose. "You are going to be such a wonderful mother," he tells Mary. "You're such a wonderful woman."

"I hope I'm allowed to be your Mary Crawley for all eternity," Mary adds. "You'll be my Mary always. Because mine is the true Mary," Matthew assures his wife. This is brutal to write about.

Matthew lays it on thick. "Right now, I want to tell you that I fall more in love with you every day that passes."

"I'll remind you of that next time I scratch the car," Mary replies.

The exchange continues. "I think I've earned a decent kiss," Mary says.  They lock lips. Matthew leaves to speak to the rest of the family.

(In retrospect, their last scene was filled with loving declarations, sprinkled with the perfect amount of Mary's bitchiness that has defined the cousins since they first met. For that, I'm thankful.)

Then, once Matthew is off, the unspeakable happens. We've lost him forever. Nothing will ever be the same again.

I wish I could stop the recap right here, in order to don my best black dress and veil, lock myself away and cry. Alas, I can't.

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