Downton Abbey recap: Kissing, Cousins, Kissing Cousins And Her Ladyship's Soap

Matthew and Mary wonder why she isn't pregnant yet, Bates comes home, and Thomas makes a move on Jimmy.
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 10, 2013

BABY, PLEASE Matthew and Mary struggle to have a child, and Matthew thinks he's the reason.

Giles Keyte

The maid: Ethel's notoriety surrounds Crawley house with gossip. Isobel hopes Violet will persevere. Violet wants Ethel to find another job. The Dowager Countess enlists Edith to place an ad in the London papers, and several houses want to hire Ethel as their cook. She doesn't like any of the positions, except for one. The problem is, it's near the Bryants, who are raising her son. She turns down all the offers to Violet's dismay and Isobel's happiness. Never one to mind her own business, Violet invites Mrs. Bryant, Ethel, and Isobel to her house, where Mrs. Bryant convinces Ethel to take the job. And just like that, we lose Ethel again.

Cousin Rose: This was dull, right? Lady Susan Flintshire, a cousin of the Crawleys, sends her 18-year-old daughter Rose to stay with Violet. Rose schemes her way into a trip to London with Matthew and Edith, so she can meet her married boyfriend. When Matthew, Edith and Rosamund -- the group's host while they are in town -- catch Rose at a night club with her lover, they aren't pleased, to say the least. Matthew promises Rose he can keep everyone quiet if she'll just go home with them now. Back at the Dowager's home, Edith drops Rose off and scolds her for what happened. And, yep, Violet overhears their conversation, tricks Rosamund into telling her the whole story, and basically has Rose shipped off to Scotland. Next.

The cricket: The match between the house and the village provides us with two things -- a great scene with Matthew teaching Branson how to play, and hot men looking hot in their uniforms. White sweater vests can be sexy -- who knew? (Also, am I the only one who thought the episode would end on a freeze frame of Robert, Matthew, and Tom, newly joined in the spirit of camaraderie to save Downton, jumping in the air?)

Other things of note: Baby Sybil's (who goes by Sibi -- an absolutely adorable nickname) christening goes off mostly without a hitch. (The hitch being Tom's obnoxious brother.) And Tom, in his new role as manager of Downton, decides to stay in the house until Sibi is older. Is Tom growing on you as much as he is me?

And now for the Dowager Countess' best quotes:

 I do think a woman's place is eventually in the home. But I see no harm in her having some fun before she gets there.

And another thing, I mean Edith isn't getting any younger. Perhaps she isn't cut out for domestic life.

What is The Scarlet Letter?
Edith: A novel, by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
It sounds most unsuitable.

If he's the agent, we can call him Branson again, thank heaven.

Think of the child. You cannot want your only granddaughter to grow up in a garage, with that drunken gorilla.

That is an easy caveat to accept, because I'm never wrong.

My husband was a great traveler, so I've spent many happy evenings without understanding a word. The thing is to keep smiling and never look as if you disapprove.

Are you ready for next week's season finale, Downton-lovers?

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