Downton Abbey recap: Spinsters Get Up For Breakfast

It's full steam ahead on Edith's wedding preparations, while the servants cause their usual mischief in the bowels of the Abbey
Ep. 02 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

WHY SO SERIOUS? Edith's wedding to Sir Anthony Strallan is upon us. Will there be a happily ever after for the maligned Crawley daughter?


Thankfully, the Great Reggie Swire Will Debate comes to an end. Matthew, who keeps beating himself up over breaking Lavinia's heart, receives a letter from the late Swire. Matthew refuses to open it, because he's just that stubborn. Oh Matthew, don't you know that Lavinia was nothing but a plot device to prolong your inevitable reconciliation with Mary?

Mary, being Mary, opens the letter anyway, and finds that Reggie did know that Lavinia told Matthew to be with Mary before she died, and he still wanted to name Matthew his heir. Mary is delighted, but Matthew all but accuses her of forging the letter. He takes that accusation back, but I was expecting to her to be a little more indignant about that.

Determined to find out if anyone posted a letter the night Lavinia died, Mary interrupts the servants' breakfast to inquire. To Mary's dismay, none of them had. But wait! Daisy didn't hear the question. It turns out she sent the letter for Lavinia. Huzzah!

Right before Edith's tragic wedding, Mary tells Matthew that Lavinia did  in fact write to her father. So Reggie's letter was real and they can keep the money. Surprisingly, Matthew relents -- on one condition. They don't announce that they can all stay at Downton until after Edith and Sir Anthony leave for their honeymoon. When that doesn't happen, Matthew informs Robert that he is giving Swire's fortune to save Downton. In a boneheaded response, Lord Grantham almost doesn't take the money. The two gentlemen then come to an agreement -- they will both be masters of the Abbey. Let's hope it will be a peaceful co-reign, and no one will have to whip it out and measure anytime soon.

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