Downton Abbey season premiere recap: Get Her To The Church On Time

As Matthew and Mary get ready to walk down the aisle, Robert receives some devastating news for the estate
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

WEDDING BELLSĀ Will Mary and Matthew's eight-year back and forth come to an end?


Walking down the street, Isobel encounters Ethel, the disgraced maid who had a baby out-of-wedlock last season. Ethel ducks away before Isobel can confront her.

At the Strallan household, Edith boldly hits on Sir Anthony, despite his protestations. Edith is persistent, however, and she convinces her elder suitor that they should resume a courtship, or whatever they did back in the 1920s.

Continuing the great "Reggie Swire Will" debate, Matthew learns he is definitely Reggie's heir. Mary complains more to about how he's letting her father fall into ruin by not taking the money. The argument comes to an end when Matthew tells Mary, "I do love you so terribly much." Thus, no matter how much they fight over the fortune, at least they do have their cute moments. (And Matthew said something about going back into the office. Is he still a lawyer?)

Mary leaves her husband to have tea with her mother, and her grandmothers, where she and Violet try to elegantly pry money from Martha, to no avail. Later that night at dinner, Mary and Violet continue to exalt the wonders of Downton, while Martha just slurps up her food.

When dinner is finished, the ladies go through, and Robert takes it upon himself to have a chat with Sir Anthony, whom Edith had invited over. Anthony agrees that he shouldn't be seeing Edith, but tells Robert that she always drops by and he can't help it. He offers to write to her to put an end to their relationship. Robert says he hopes that everyone can still be friends. Yes, because it's so friendly to plot against your daughter's happiness.

Lucky for us, we get another shot of the newlyweds between the sheets, during which Matthew and Mary discuss her attempt to extract money from Martha. This time, it's Mary who changes their subject with a sweet nothing. "Now stop talking and kiss me before I get cross," she tells him.

In the morning at breakfast, Edith receives the letter from Sir Anthony, and she knows that her papa said something to him. She goes crying into Martha's arms, who scolds Robert for pulling the lovers apart. Edith whines until Robert agrees to ask Sir Anthony back to Downton.

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