Downton Abbey season premiere recap: Get Her To The Church On Time

As Matthew and Mary get ready to walk down the aisle, Robert receives some devastating news for the estate
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

WEDDING BELLSĀ Will Mary and Matthew's eight-year back and forth come to an end?


The drama resumes presumably a month later, when Matthew and Mary return from the South of France. The Crawleys are still hosting fancy dinners -- if this is what it means to be broke, I don't think I would mind.

The time apart clearly did nothing to smooth Mary and Edith's relationship. Mary pushes Edith's buttons about her romance with Strallan, and Edith fires back. But the Dowager and Lord Grantham are concerned with the thought of Edith pursuing Sir Anthony, and the Dowager tells her son to have Strallan put an end to it.

We learn that Isobel is, in Martha's words, "helping women who have fallen over." (Is this fancy speak for "turned to prostitution"?). Martha asks if she's expected to donate to this cause, and Cora admonishes her. "You don't have to give money after every conversation." "No, isn't that what the English expect of rich Americans," Martha counters.

Mary and the Dowager over hear this, and are a bit crestfallen, since they hope Martha will use her fortune to save Downton.

While discussing the Swire will with Robert, Matthew explains that he absolutely cannot take the money, and Robert feebly tries to change his mind. Matthew is unmoved and Robert drops the discussion.

All is not lost yet -- especially since we get to see Matthew in bed with Mary. Hallelujah.

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