Doctor Who season finale recap: An Open Wound

Just one question for you, Doctor: What is your name?
Ep. 12 | Aired May 18, 2013

FIELDS OF TRENZALORE The long-whispered resting place of the Doctor is the centerpiece for the seventh season finale, which causes all manner of criss-crossing timestream chaos.

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In order to avoid Jenny's same fate, River gets the rest of the group to wake themselves up. (A good slap to the face is sometimes necessary.)  Clara, back at home, finds that the Doctor has joined her. Except he's blindfolded. And the children are gone. They wanted to go to the cinema, see, and the Doctor told them no. So then they suggested that he play a game with them, blindfolded. Little Daleks!

Clara fills him in on the latest and breaking. River's back, which is cause for some discussion. But the talk of Trenzalore is far, far more important. Indeed, it is with some alarm that we notice the Doctor has taken a seat in the living room and looks very, very shaken. Matt Smith Sad Face alert! (Is it the best of his faces? Debate.) Sorry! he says, and dashes off to the TARDIS, where Clara finds him beneath the main console, inconsolable. Even the Doctor doesn't quite know what's at Trenzalore. But River knows (River always knows).

In another moment, he's plugging Clara into the ship's telepathic circuits in order to use the coordinates that are still rolling around in her memory. They'll go to Trenzalore! But, like, they can't? "When you are a time traveler, there is one place you must never go. One place in all of space and time that you must never, ever find yourself." That crazy prisoner wasn't talking about the Doctor's secret being discovered -- he was talking about the Doctor's grave. That's the problem with being a time traveler: Everyone's grave is waiting for them, out there in the future. And with a quick hop, you can go visit.

Of course they have to go. There are friends to save, friends that have been very kind to the Doctor when they had no reason to be, non-judgmental during "the dark times." Of course he has to go. Clara is coming, too. And the only way to save them, apparently, is by breaking into the Doctor's tomb. Unfortunately the TARDIS isn't too keen on this idea -- there are timey-wimey laws that even it would prefer not to bend or break. It won't let them quite make it to Trenzalore (which appears glowing and fiery, á la the opening bit) and leaves them stranded in space, circling around it. Should we jump? Clara asks. "Don't be silly," the Doctor says. "We fall."

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