Doctor Who recap: Attack of the Supermodels

The Doctor returns to Victorian times, where detective duo Vastra and Jenny try to find out who's responsible for all the crimson corpses
Ep. 10 | Aired May 4, 2013

EYE SEE YOU The Doctor takes a closer look.

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"If I can't take the world with me, you will have to do," said Mrs. Gillyflower. "Die, you freaks." In that moment, the explicit theme of the episode came forward. Gillyflower, a eugenics fan of the first order, wanted to create a perfect race; but the Doctor and his friends defeated her, a gang of misfits stronger together than a whole army of fascist supermodels. Strax managed to save the day, having somehow climbed to the top of the chimney -- he fired at her, and she fell down the chimney.

Lying on the floor, she was abandoned by the Mr. Sweet symbiote, who had no use for a dying partner. Gillyflower asked Ada to forgive her. Ada: "Never." Gillyflower, her last words: "That's my girl." Parenting! The Doctor considered taking Mr. Sweet back to the Jurassic era; then Ada destroyed the creature with her cane, putting that idea to rest.

Clara scotched the idea of going to London; she'd had enough of Victorian values for awhile. The implication seemed to be that the Doctor was hoping that just being in Victorian London would spark something in his Companion. It was another dead end in the Mystery of Clara. Vastra and Jenny asked him the obvious question: "That girl? Clara? Question mark? You haven't explained!" The Doctor, smiling: "No. I haven't." Is the Mystery of Clara a Mystery that will never be answered? Is that the greatest Mystery of all?

Maybe not. We got an unexpected scene at the end of the episode, with Clara back in the modern age. She looked at the computer -- And saw pictures of herself on the Soviet submarine from three episodes ago and in the spooky mansion from two episodes ago. The kids she looks after had been doing some research. "It's you, isn't it?" (The boy had found the picture at school -- an explanation so silly that there must be more to it, right?)

Clara was going to come up with an excuse…but then she saw a third picture, of herself in Victorian London. "No! I was in Victorian Yorkshire." The kids looked happy. "Can we have a go! Show us the time machine!" The savvy daughter threatened to tell their dad that their nanny is a time traveler. Looks like the Doctor will be getting a couple more Companions soon.

I got a big kick out of this episode. Who head honcho Steven Moffat is spread so thing nowadays, so I imagine this is as close as we'll ever get to a Vastra/Jenny/Strax spinoff. (We've only got two more episodes to go in this season -- next week's is written by Neil Gaiman, and then there's the finale by Moffat.) Fellow Who viewers, what did you think about the Victorian shenanigans?

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