Dexter recap: Confessions of a Kill-aholic

Dex races to prevent Deb from confessing to murder as Quinn seems like a lousy student
Ep. 03 | Aired Jul 14, 2013

YOU DIDN'T HIRE ME FOR MY BREATH, RIGHT? Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) is frustrated with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter).

It starts with the philanderer's wife refusing to believe the evidence that her husband is cheating on her. "She didn't want to see it...people get used to living in denial," says Elway, which was Debra for many years regarding Dex. In fact, this was one reason a Dexter writer once told me why Debra had to catch Dex in the act rather than gradually piece together that he's a killer -- she never would have allowed her mind to contemplate such a thought.

Deb gets drunk and watches the video of the nightclub fight that Dex referenced. Now, maybe smarter watchers of this show than myself will see a direct obvious connection with what happens next that I'm missing. My read on the scene went a few different directions: Maybe she confessed after watching the video because she's hating or missing her earlier self, the one who was blissfully naive, the one who was living in denial, just like her client. Maybe it was because she shot and killed somebody in that scene, a justified murder that predates her more recent unjustified two-person mini-spree. Maybe it's because of what Dexter said, that she IS a good person, and that actually worked against him -- because a good person would confess her crimes.

So Deb staggers into Miami Metro and is lucky that she bumps into Quinn (at least, we're assuming this is lucky, who knows what happens later in the season). "I killed LaGuerta" she breathes all boozily, and you can practically see the fumes coming from her mouth.

"That doesn't make any sense," he says.

Quinn takes her to the confession room and gives her a notepad and calls Dex to come get her. Quinn reminds Deb how LaGuerta was killed. This is something a lot of you have been wondering, since Deb's gun was used to shoot her. Quinn says the bullet that shot LaGuerta was traced to Estrada's gun. "Remember? Dexter walked us through it."


Okay, the Dexter rubber band of suspended disbelief just snapped and slapped me in the face. LaGuerta was totally convinced Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher. She arrested him. He gets released due to lack of evidence. She gets murdered. And they let Dex work the crime scene of her murder and explain how she died? No-no-no-no.

Show continues despite my living room outburst: So Vogel and Dexter arrive to rescue Deb from herself. Deb starts ranting and Dex hits her with his sleepy-time needle. Vogel delivered a real laugh line with her "That was interesting!" And they get drunky Deb home and handcuffed to the couch. She's now going, for better or worse, into Dr. Vogel's creepy care. "Vogel was right, I am perfect, but only at one thing," bemoans Dex.

Oh, and he kills the cannibal.

I write that last line like it's an afterthought, but it kind of felt like an afterthought in the episode. This is the final season, yet so far this still feel like a regular season. I'm loving Deb's storyline and Vogel is a compelling addition, but the Brain Surgeon's spree is more confusing than thrilling. What do you think of Dexter's final episodes so far?

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