Dexter recap: Falling Off a Cliffhanger

Last week's big cliffhanger is jettisoned, while Hannah McKay sends Dexter into a confused tailspin
Ep. 07 | Aired Aug 11, 2013

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) wants Dexter (Michael C. Hall).


3. Quinn is moving in with Jamie: At Miami Metro, Quinn gets a shoulder-rub from Jamie at his desk. She floats the idea of them moving in together and at first we think Quinn won't do it since he always seems completely uninterested in her except when she's sitting on him naked. "Eventually," he mumbles. Later, Quinn reverses himself and tells Batista he's moving in with his sister, as if saying it just to spite him. Hey, "spite" is a motive. We'll take it!

4. Masuka gets distracted by his daughter's boobs: Masuka's daughter is hanging out in his lab. Is this Bring a Girl to Work Day at Miami Metro? They've made up after their fight last week. She mentions she works at a sports bar. He drops by and is shocked to find her working at a topless "breastraunt." I'm not sure I buy that Masuka wouldn't already have a frequent-customer punch-card for this place. He's instantly distracted and bothered by seeing her semi-nude. "I've stared at a million boobs but until now I've never considered them to be daughter boobs," he says. He lobbies Batista to create an assistant position in his lab so his daughter can stay clothed in the workplace, but she doesn't go for it. Slinging buffalo wings while topless might not be the greatest gig, but it beats making $13 an hour while working with your pervy dad who's trying not to look at you the wrong way.

5. Dr. Vogel is still in the show. She advises Dexter to train Zach, then warns about how dangerous he is. Zach is willing to let Dexter teach him the code, but has no patience with all his young murder-hormones surging through him.

6. Elway gets a little interesting: Deb snaps at her boss ("You stand so close, try to flirt, you're making me uncomfortable.") and Elway shoots back: "Maybe you ought to try a little gratitude instead of always being a f--king bitch." It's the vehemence of his delivery, not the text itself, that makes this line jump out at you and wonder about Elway. She borrows a GPS tracker from him and puts it on Dexter's car. She looks it up on her laptop and sees a GPS signal on a map showing Dexter driving what appears to be roughly 120 mph toward a pier. This tracker will pay off later, I suspect.

7. Hannah's hubby gets whacked: Hannah takes care of her problem herself, killing Millionaire Miles in self defense on the yacht. "I'll take care of everything," Dex assures, but then asks her to go find an ax, plastic tarp and bleach. Thanks for the help, Dex!

8. Cassie gets whacked: Dexter, Deb, Zach each randomly bumps into horny next-door neighbor Cassie this week. At one point she leaves her apartment giggling with her date and sees Dex coming out his door and I wonder: How thin are those condo walls, exactly? Later Deb advises her to forget about trying to date Dex too, giving her what's probably the episode's strongest line: "Trust me, Dexter is not a mystery that you want to solve." When she turns up bludgeoned, we naturally assume Zach did it. "Can anything good come from putting two killers together?" Dexter wonders, tying the episode's threads together. We close with a nice shot of Dex reflected in the pool of her blood.

Okay, a little teaser for next week: It's the best Dexter episode since the premiere. The bigger surprise: One of the best things about it is Zach Hamilton. Intrigued? See you next week.

Let's have Rastamouse close the show. Give it up, give it up, for the Easy Crew!

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