Dexter recap: The Son Also Surprises

The brain surgeon revealed (again!), a new cop arrives, and Dex decides to quit
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 25, 2013

"You might have mentioned your killer son previously."


11. Dexter wants to kill the brain surgeon but Dr. Vogel doesn't want him to. Dex tells Dr. Frankenstein that her son is alive (He's alive!). They need to send a message to him, but how? They decide to have Vogel write a message that she's going to a diner in her journal on her computer on their assumption that Oliver has hacked her computer and will then read the message and decide to meet her there...

I know. You either buy that, or it sticks in your throat like trying to dry swallow a pizza box.

So Vogel wants to treat her son and make him better, not kill him. "I'm not going to let you kill him Dexter, I'm sorry," she says. So Dex poisons her with one of Hannah's gentle sleepy toxins and goes to catch Oliver solo.

At the diner, Oliver plays his favorite tune on jukebox while he waits for Vogel, who of course is not going to show up. Dex tells us in voiceover he planned to follow Oliver back to his place and needle-jab him. But instead of hiding in his car waiting for him to come back out, Dex stands against the diner's glass window in broad daylight staring right at Oliver for a half hour. Then we're told Oliver somehow spotted Dexter. He's just that smart, this brain surgeon.

So Oliver gets away, and Dex goes back and meets a peeved Vogel. Dex again insists he's going to kill the brain surgeon and then again says he's going to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison. "That won't end well," Vogel says, echoing our thoughts.

Then we find, not-so-surprisingly, that Vogel was hiding Oliver in the other room. So, mother and son are now reunited.

So... okay here's what I'm thinking:

-- Why is Dex so insistent on risking everything by going to war with Vogel and Oliver before he leaves? Dex practically killed Zach twice himself! This Argentina thread makes Zach's radical personality makeover last week make more sense, in a behind-the-scenes way, because it's like the show's writers realized they needed to give Dex a motive to stick around and kill the brain surgeon rather than take off so they decided at the very last minute to make Zach more likable right before he died. You know what would have given Dex a motive? If the brain surgeon had killed anybody meaningful on this show. That would be a motive, that would give this story some juice. But I'm starting to get the feeling the core cast isn't going anywhere (aside from, potentially, Dex and Harrison), with the whole spin-off idea brewing.

-- Speaking of motives, what was the brain surgeon's motive for his insanely elaborate kill spree?  If he didn't want his mom dead, why did he presumably send rage-y foot fetishist Yates after her? Please tell me he didn't simply want what was suggested this week -- his mom's attention. That's all too familiar, it's the same reason we were given for Hannah drugging Dex and leaving him by the side of the road. You can't just have a bunch of dramatic stuff happen in a show and then shrug it off with "he/she wanted attention." Maybe we'll find out Oliver's motive next week.

-- Has there ever been so much poisoning in one season? Between Dex and Hannah, everybody is getting knocked out. It's like one of those 1970s shows where the hero would just casually bludgeon bad guys to render them unconscious, before viewers got wise to the fact that whacking somebody in the head or neck with a hard object typically results in side effects like death.

 -- Jake Elway, Masuka's daughter, Jamie romance: Just ...why.

What did you think? Are you excited for the final episodes? Or just excited for Dexter to be over?

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