Dexter recap: The Son Also Surprises

The brain surgeon revealed (again!), a new cop arrives, and Dex decides to quit
Ep. 09 | Aired Aug 25, 2013

"You might have mentioned your killer son previously."


5. Masuka's daughter is status quo: No real update this week. Kept her shirt on, though.

6. Batista gives Deb her job back: Except she's not sure if she wants it back given she's so ethically compromised at this point. Batista gives her a badge anyway and tells her to hold onto it -- just in case she wants to use it to get past the line at a nightclub or something.

7. Hannah is loaded: Hannah's friend held onto her half a million in stolen money by stashing it in her closet. Now somebody might ask (as somebody in the comments did): Why didn't Hannah pick up her half million before she was going to leave on the plane last week? Then you might ask: Why am I looking for logic in a show that no longer has any? So Dex and Hannah pick it up at her friend's place. "I told the kids there were snakes in here so they wouldn't go near it," the friend explains, making me feel a surge of empathy for her kids who go to sleep every night thinking there's a bulging bag of snakes in the closet.

8. Quinn still wants Deb: We pretty much already knew this. "Us working together again, it's nice," Quinn tells her. "It's a lot better than doing background checks for Elway," Deb replies, which is so not a compliment. Quinn suddenly tries to smooch her and she recoils. "Sorry I don't know why I did that," he says, but we do. Meanwhile, Deb proves her invaluable detective skills by realizing Cassie was likely murdered by the most obvious person -- her boyfriend, Oliver. Again, Miami Metro sets the bar low. I can just imagine Batista: "Her wide-eyed creepy new boyfriend killed her!? Why didn't we think of that?"

9. Hannah makes a decent salad: Dex stashes Hannah and Deb's house for an awkward though vaguely romantic dinner, complete with light jazz background music. "How can I go back?," Deb moans. "My brother's a serial killer and I have another one hiding out at my house eating salad" -- best line of the episode.

10. The brain surgeon is revealed (again!): While he was being murdered, Zach left a gross glob of the murderer's hair under a table for Dexter to find. That was nice of him. Dex runs the data and finds it belongs to a relative of Dr. Vogel's. "I have no family, not anymore," Vogel says, confused --- UNLESS you count her highly intelligent psychopathic killer son whose psychiatric ward burned down and whose body was burned beyond recognition that she's never mentioned before. Oh yeah, that family member! He's still alive. This is almost as good as her forgetting about Yates -- Oh, the psychotic killer from my past who had brain surgery? That one?

Dex uses aging software that shows what Vogel's child will look like if they're older. And, sure enough, Vogel's kid looks like Cassie's moose-beer-loving boyfriend. So he gets some of Oliver's DNA and--

Look, Cassie's boyfriend is the brain surgeon, okay? Running down all this CSI stuff gets wearisome. My top in-the-dark brain surgeon guesses in last week's recap were Cassie's boyfriend or Vogel's husband, so... not quite, but not too far off, either.

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