Dexter recap: The Da Vogel Code

Dr. Vogel creeps on Dex while Debra's proves she's not done killing
Ep. 02 | Aired Jul 7, 2013

SO, YOU KILL HERE OFTEN? Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) get to know each other.


Later Quinn picks up Jaime. You get the feeling Quinn's car smells like cigarettes and booze, with fast-food wrappers on the floor. Maybe this time they can finally have sex to completion? But no. Jamie rightly gives Quinn grief about mentioning his ex-girlfriend Deb yet again.

"What's with you people?" he asks, referring to her and her brother -- which isn't the wisest word choice. For a second you think, okay, maybe he didn't mean that the way it sounded. But Quinn doubles down, calling their concern a "Cuban thing."

She storms out of his car. Quinn's not getting any Cuban-thing tonight.

Jamie goes back in the house and yells at her brother for interfering. Though Jaime was totally right to give Quinn a hard time about his Deb-focus, she's now blaming her brother and her lover for a fight that she started.

Dex in his lab. He runs some blood from the El Sapo crime scene and discovers -- it's his sister's blood. Director Hall indulges in a Jaws-style "dolly zoom" for added visual effect.

He sees Deb return to the station to answer Quinn's unsuspecting questions about the jewelry case. Deb starts having post-traumatic flashbacks to shooting El Sapo and Dex hustles her out of there before she blurts out the truth.

Deb explains she shot El Sapo after her beat her up. Dex tries to criticize, but finds he has no moral ground to stand on. "All of a sudden we have a problem with lying?" she says. "You really want to play the What If game?"

Unlike Dex, however, she's not very good at covering her tracks. She left her gun in El Sapo's glove box. "It will be traced to you, how will you explain that?" he demands.

But wait: Can Deb first explain how she shot El Sapo when he took her gun and put it in his glovebox? Did she have a second gun on her? Maybe it was in her car? So are we to assume she rushed out all wounded, to the same parking lot El Sapo is in, got her second gun and and shot him before he drove away all sneaky like? And we're all still waiting to know how Deb was able to shoot LaGuerta with her gun and get away with it, right?

It's like: With a storage unit full of random stuff, Deb could have killed El Sapo through his window a lot of different ways. But the writers picked a weapon that would result in the most confusion.

"He's not the first person I shot and he may not be the last," Deb warns. "Anything can happen in this hell hole that is now my life. Your gift to me, Dexter!"

Oh man. It's like a really bad breakup. And we totally believe her threat, because she apparently has an endless supply of non-traceable guns. Dex goes to switch out her weapon from the evidence room. When he says, "I'll never get used to doing this for Deb," I think we're supposed to take the hint that this is what he did when LaGuerta was shot.

Dex goes to Vogel's house, where The Brain Surgeon broke in and left another present, a DVD showing the killer forced the strangler to throttle his victims, then killed the strangler. So this is a killer making other people do his kills.

But Dex is distracted. "I've destroyed Deb," he says.

Vogel gives him the world's most inappropriate mom-hug: "You're exactly what you need to be, Dexter," she coos. "Perfect."

So deadly despairing Deb has struck again. And this time it's cold premeditated murder. Nobody's twisting her arm now. How do we feel about this? And will she become a serial killer too? She's only one murder shy of fitting the definition.

Oh, and Deb ... so what are you gonna do with those jewels...?

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