Dexter recap: The Da Vogel Code

Dr. Vogel creeps on Dex while Debra's proves she's not done killing
Ep. 02 | Aired Jul 7, 2013

SO, YOU KILL HERE OFTEN? Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) get to know each other.


Dex watches this one alone, which gives memory-projection Harry an opportunity to make an appearance. Actor James Remar told me he plays Harry different as Dex's projection than he does in flashbacks. “I play it like I’m speaking in his voice, in his memory — that’s Dexter talking to himself filtered through the voice of Harry," he said of the projection scenes. "So I have to be careful not to be too much of my own person."

This tape shows Vogel defending Dex's behavior to Harry. For a brief moment I thought she was blackmailing him, but that doesn't make sense because the tape implicates her too. Harry points out she believed in Dexter. "If she's responsible for creating me she's responsible for what I did to Deb," he says, which is stretching to blame the doctor for that one.

Across town or something, hung-over Deb is meeting with her boss Elway. She's filling him in on the mess with the skanky jewel thief Briggs that her brother murdered for pretty much no reason last week. Elway shakes up some brown-ish nasty-looking liquid for her to drink, calling it "Eletro-Screw Roofie Formula" "Electrolyte Replenishment Formula." She actually gulps it, showing her lack of caution once again.

"So you two were intimate," Elway says, and I like her response: "First of all, who says intimate?"

Deb gets defensive. She denies she felt anything for Briggs. She was only sleeping with him to get the location of the merchandise he stole. "I was doing my job," she insists. It's like she's annoyed that her boss might suspect her of not being a whore. How dare he!

She reveals Briggs' key for a storage unit, so they might be able to get jewels after all.

So Elway and Deb check out Briggs' apartment. He marvels at a photo of Briggs: "You really had sex with this guy..."

Oh Elway. Deb didn't have sex with Briggs despite him being a douchey lowlife, she had sex with him because he was a douchey lowlife. Lose the suit and condescending attitude and you might have a chance.

Deb finds a bill for a storage facility where the jewels might be kept.

Skate-park crime scene. Dexter notes, "Miami makes more corpses than sunburns," a line that's not going to be a Florida tourism slogan anytime soon.

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