Dexter recap: Officer Down!

A major character takes a hit as 'Dexter' unveils its penultimate episode
Ep. 11 | Aired Sep 15, 2013

This is as suspiciously as Batista (David Zayas) ever looks at Dexter (Michael C. Hall).


Saxon shows up and Deb and Dex get the drop on him. Dex takes him to the hospital kill room, but has second thoughts. "This is usually my favorite moment ... now I don't even want to be here. I'm feeling a much stronger pull. I don't need to kill you." Which is great, and a big moment for Dex psychologically, but of course he should still kill him. Saxon knows Dex is a serial killer, for starters. Is this the same guy who fretted about being seen leaving Vogel's house earlier this episode? But no: He calls Deb and has her come over to arrest Saxon instead.

Outside, he gives Deb a goodbye hug. "It's just for right now, it's not forever," he says, and you know something is coming.

Dex then has a second big breakthrough: Ghost Harry says Dex doesn't need him to be around anymore. Hey, that's how we've felt for the last four seasons! Who wanted Obi-Wan Kenobi to appear next to him and wave goodbye too?

Suddenly the Marshall bursts into the kill room where Saxon is tied up. Wait, what? What's he doing there? He said he was going to start tracking Deb, okay, but why is he going in with his gun drawn? I guess he didn't see her outside because she was out back? Saxon's image is everywhere but the the one cop on the show who seems like he knows what he's doing doesn't recognize him?

The Marshall releases Saxon, who kills him. Then Deb comes in and Saxon shoots her. She's gravely wounded as Saxon escapes. There's a crack of thunder warning us a storm is coming, and that's it for now.

Okay. Well. First off, the character of the Marshall basically should have been played by Quinn or Batista. Or at least Elway. I'm unsure why a show with all these cops felt the need to add in a brand new cop a few episodes before the finale to chase Hannah and get killed by the Big Bad when any one of these characters could have done that.

Second, some of you noticed that a potential huge spoiler description of the final episode leaked on Reddit a couple weeks ago. With this turn of events, it's looking like that might be correct since it meshes up nicely with the events from this week.

Third, so ... the key to solving Dexter's homicidal impulses was, apparently, the love of a good woman. Or, if not a good woman, at least a really hot one who poisons people.

Here's what I'm finding: Dexter this season is more fun when you just watch it and don't think about it. Some readers get annoyed when EW or other sites that have been critical about the final season point out things that don't make much sense. When you write about the show, you have to think it through. And when you try to explain what's happening to readers, you realize the puzzle pieces don't quite fit together. So you're typing and thinking: "So Dex did that because ... because ... ah damn it, these words don't work!"

So what did you think?

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