Dexter recap: Officer Down!

A major character takes a hit as 'Dexter' unveils its penultimate episode
Ep. 11 | Aired Sep 15, 2013

This is as suspiciously as Batista (David Zayas) ever looks at Dexter (Michael C. Hall).


Back at the office, Deb has re-joined the force. Dex does a DNA swab on Oliver Saxon, who's come in to try and clear his name in the Cassie killing. Dex insists he isn't trying to kill Saxon himself. "I just want him taken care of."

But then Dex goes to a creepy abandoned mental hospital to find Saxon's kill room. In the voice-over he says Zach died there. So apparently Saxon merely kidnapped Zach at the photo studio, then took him to the abandoned hospital, then he killed him, and then took the body to Dexter's apartment. Oooooooooookay. Then Dex finds Saxon's laptop, which has all the evidence of his crimes. Bonus: It's not even password-protected.

Tangent: Did you know the most common non-numeric online password that people use after "password" and "qwerty" is ... "monkey"? Why "monkey," do you think? It's weird, because I've used it too and I have no idea why. I don't even like monkeys. Just popped in my head when I was asked for a password one day.

Anyway: That Deputy U.S. Marshall is getting closer to catching Hannah, all because she didn't want to spend a few of her half million bucks on some hair dye and sunglasses this season. Deb lies to him and says she was the one who brought Harrison to the hospital last week, not Hannah. Thankfully, this hospital must not have security cameras.

So we're at Papa's Cafe for Dex's unofficial going away party. It's a pretty low key affair that includes a seemingly random exchange between Masuka and his daughter about pot. Batista still hasn't gotten around to going through those boxes of evidence LaGuerta left him and it looks like he's not going to. He tells Dex the door is always open for him to return. Dex's goodbye speech is very Dex: "Um, I'll miss you guys too."

Saxon shows up to see Dexter's apartment with the real estate agent in tow. He privately offers Dex a truce. "Choose poorly, like mom, and you will lose," he says, while admitting that the way he killed Vogel last week was "a little over the top." Dex says he accepts but privately fumes: "He wants me to walk away when he just reminded me why I can't."

The Marshall gets Elway to go over to Deb's house and scope out the place for signs of Hannah. He could have gone there himself, but all right. Dex decides to move Hannah to a hotel, thinking it's no longer safe for her at Deb's place.

Dex sends Saxon's incriminating video files to a local TV station, so now everybody thinks Ryan Gosling is a serial killer. Deb comes by and insists on having one last dinner in Miami with her brother despite the danger from Saxon. I say: "His stuff is packed up and there's a serial killer after you -- go to a restaurant!" But they don't listen. At the same time, police are tearing apart Deb's apartment looking for Hannah. I guess they don't think to send somebody over to check Dexter's place too.

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