Desperate Housewives season premiere recap: Fast Forward

While Gabby and Lynette deal with crisis involving their growing children, Bree manages her burgeoning career, and Susan struggles to move on
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 28, 2008

GANG OF FOUR The ladies of Wisteria Lane pulled together when an old nemesis returned

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I'm not going to devote too much space to Lynette and her story line because, honestly, I wasn't that intrigued by it. More drama with her rowdy, now-teenage twins. How's that different than all the drama with her rowdy, then-younger children? In fact, I think I'll go as far as saying that Lynette might be getting gypped in terms of fascinating story lines this season. It's just more of the same from her and Tom. I will mention one part of it all that I loved: her continued cunning with Tom. After he went easy on the boys for their casino night at the pizzeria, she offered her hubby's prized red convertible to Parker and Preston for homecoming night. According to Tom, Lynette should trust the boys. So why not give them the convertible? Which she did! You can always count on Lynette to teach not just her kids a lesson — but Tom, too.

And finally, we're on to Bree and Katherine. Bree's Martha Stewart-esque empire is no shocker, but I love the reveal about why she's thrown herself into her career with such fervor. Daughter Danielle came and took her baby away! Which is tragic. Of all the ladies, Bree always seems the most desperate, and that's no different this season. Could she really not find fulfillment without having a baby around? It was believable, and only made her that much more crazy about being perfect at work and whatnot. In addition, it's clear the writers know what we viewers want: showdowns between Katherine and Bree! Their spat about Bree stealing some of Katherine's recipes — and then, the on-camera showdown about spun sugar — was pitch-perfect.

Oh, before I go, there were a couple other moments I loved from last night. First, remember when Jackson jumped out of Susan's window because Lynette stopped by unexpectedly? I just thought it was so cute that Lee snapped a photo of Jackson in his boxer briefs. It was a simple moment, but totally effective and screwball. Hehe. And then, also, some big news! As Edie said with such hilarious surprise, "Mrs. McCluskey, you're still alive!" I know you were all waiting to find out if Mrs. McCluskey survived the five years, and I apologize for not leading my TV Watch with that news. Haha. Even better, though, was Mrs. McCluskey's retort to the snide remark: "So how did you two meet?" she said, referring to Edie's new man, Dave. "You run a free clinic or something?" Genius.

So TV Watchers, what do you think? Are you on board with season 5? Whose story line are you loving the most? Who do you think Edie's new hubby is out for revenge on? Should Susan make it official with Jackson — or maybe go back to Mike? And, do they really only make princess dresses for girls up to age 7?? (Now my plans for Halloween are ruined!)

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