Dancing With the Stars recap: Oh the Wonder of It All

Week 6: Nothing inspires random shirtlessness better than the sensual sounds of Stevie Wonder!
Ep. 10 | Aired Apr 22, 2013

#encoreSHIRTLESS Ingo Rademacher celebrates his well-oiled torso and his birthday with a chandelier party hat.


Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson: 24/30 (46/60 total) Sean and Ingo both aimed to do better than Andy Dick this week. Dream bigger, guys. I thought "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" was a pretty awkward song choice for the solemn and angry tango, but Ingo totally made it work with incredible posture, what Bruno called an "animal magnetism," and an all-black suit to offset his ice-blue eyes. Their whirling-dervish sequence into that final drop pose was killer. Well done, Kym! Ingo finally got the 8s he deserved -- perhaps instead of all that extra training, all he needed to do was have it be his birthday.

"This is the dance that suits you," said Len, and that's true -- same goes for the paso doble later on. Ingo's strong in these fierce, grounded dance styles that don't demand much hip action. It was great to see him (and young Tot-emacher, as always) so happy!

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff: 23/30 (45/60 total) Jacoby delivered one of the night's most memorable moments with that mind-blowing leap over Karina's head for Team Shirtless -- this time she leaned backwards while facing him. I think next time she should do a little hop during his hang time, really force him to up his game.

Their quickstep was less awe-inspiring but super energetic and enjoyable. Jacoby's pigeon toes (perfect for his day job) are hilarious if you deliberately stare at them. I hadn't done that yet -- all that emphasis on his stompers during rehearsal footage drew me in. (Stompers? WTF? That is so not a term for feet.)

"I know it's Stevie Wonder night, but that was like a Beatles medley. It started out 'Please Please Me,' and by the end I was thinking 'Help.'" Good God, Goodman! Stop trying to make everything British! And beware the wrath of Jacoby's mama.

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess: 18/30 (43/60 total) I am loving Andy's commitment to learning the technique, and he definitely goes for it and doesn't freeze out there due to complicated choreography. I wanted him to do well in what Bruno called a "personality-driven splendid shamble of a samba," but the mailman costume kept tripping me up. It's hard to conceive of a funky mailman, let alone a funky mailman who looks like Andy Dick. Meanwhile, Sharna's sequined version of a floral Betty Draper frock was my favorite costume of the night.

The sunglasses and porn 'stache definitely helped disguise his dorkiness during the Team Samba later on. And Andy was at least as good as Sean tonight, if not better...at least in terms of handing out roses.

NEXT: Bottom two comin' atchu, plus Profoundly Obvious Gems!

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