Dancing With the Stars recap: And Then There Were Three...

A shocking, controversial elimination becomes the most dramatic thing any ballroom has ever seen
Ep. 18 | Aired Nov 16, 2010

FULL SPEED AHEAD Bristol/Mark and Kyle/Lacey will join Jennifer/Derek in next week's finale.

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Good musical guests this week! Annie Lennox is someone I never expected to see on Planet Mirrorballus, but there she was, fitting in perfectly to the atmosphere despite not visibly sparkling. Perhaps Jamie Lee and her hair helped ease the transition. I love Annie, and I hope it doesn't downgrade her in any way for me to say that my favorite part of either of her two segments was when Brooke called her new album "A Christmas Cornutupia" and Tom barely -- barely! -- gritted his teeth. She copped a knowing, apologetic look when he pronounced the 'c' after Annie sang "Universal Child." The whole thing was pretty damn endearing!

As far as decoys go, I thought all of Annie's Pros (excuse me while I pant a little at those two words next to each other) were pretty great. I always appreciate a strong So You Think You Can Dance contingent. I picture the ballroom, along with Our Pros, who are possibly hiding out beneath the technicolor staircase, asking the decoys directly and maybe a bit sarcastically if they think they can dance. The four dancers for Annie's second number, "Little Bird," were particularly fascinating with their shredded costumes and whackadoodle makeup. It was as if Our Pros had been dipped into the world of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, gently wrung out, and flung onto the dance floor, still slightly mad. Just the way I like 'em!

Our Pros themselves delivered with a routine for Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It." Are you ready for this? I liked it! That guy is so cheesy, but hello, consider the setting. Louis, Cheryl, Dmitry, Kym, Damian, and Peta (again!) expertly wove in and out of partnerships, forming pointy star patterns I previously assumed were only possibly with my favorite geometric drawing toy, Original Spirograph.

Ooh, I don't want to forget Derek and Cheryl and their retro routine for the Macy's Design-a-Dance. I liked when Derek positioned himself within the convertible of dreams only to have Cheryl slam the door into his crotch. It was helpful that he spent a few more seconds grabbing his crotch, to emphasize what could have happened. Or maybe Derek wears a cup?

I'll leave you DNCMSTRs with a sprinkling of EW.com's 'DWTS' Hidden Gems of the Week -- Tom Bergeron's favorite collection of reader-submitted ridiculata in all the virtual land!

"After Kyle and Lacey’s first dance, Brooke said, 'We’ve all been watching you…' and the Celebriquarium was empty! " --Addison, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady
"Was Kyle wearing Theo Huxtable’s Gordon Gartrelle knock-off that Denise tried to recreate after Cliff made him take it back because it was so expensive?" --Elizabeth, endorsed by kfran, melissa

"During their paso rehearsal clip, Maks channeled Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race and showed us his 'Browsie.'" --LAG Award Winner

"Hidden Gem enthusiast Tom Bergeron did a jaunty little Charlie Chaplin walk before Kyle’s intro. (That was just for us, right??) --JH, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Elizabeth, Annie, tkemoses, Kristie D

"Brandy got a standing O from Monica…I guess their heated 'The Boy Is Mine' rivalry of years ago is over. They were frenemies for years!" --CoolWhipLite, endorsed by Lorie, Riley, clandrithbamagirl, neetsie2000, jury's out, dj, gigi, Manda
"Enthusiastic Activia Lady gave Monica a b**** glare with just the slightest hint of a forced smile." --Stephanie, endorsed by Anonymous


Ball Room Hero (got stars in his eyes...): "Tom kissing Brandy on her cheek while Maks was hugging her from behind." --Time For Bristol To Go

Click here to see all of this week's Gems.

Well, as Brooke would say, "I'm not gonna take any more of your precious time," DNCMSTRs. See you next week -- discuss the semifinal results below!

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