Dancing With the Stars recap: Thanks for the M&M-ories

A week ahead of the Switch-Up, the original couples offer their spins on "The Most Memorable Year of Your Life''
Ep. 03 | Aired Mar 31, 2014


Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas: 32/40 Speaking of audience-panning freak outs…

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.14.52 PM

STEVE!!!! (Scott Weinger, the actor who played D.J.'s boyfriend Steve on Full House), in the audience with Kimmy Gibbler. We'd already seen Andrea Barber along with Lori Loughlin in the rehearsal studio, but this did not lessen the thrill of seeing D.J.'s then and current best friend, liiiiiiiiiiiive! Have mercy.

I enjoyed the homage to 1995 -- the end of Full House/beginning of Candace's "second family" as a married woman -- but thought the Elvis theme only sort of worked. First of all, get Uncle Jesse to show up if you're gonna go Elvis. Secondly, please get John Stamos to actually compete on Dancing With the Stars. And finally, get me an Oikos yogurt, because I am famished.

The "Blue Suede Shoes" jive could have been better with less buildup and had Candace not lost timing a few times. I think the footwork seemed too challenging and quick. Candace noted a non-disastrous (to my eyes anyway) wardrobe malfunction to Tom, so that's probably to blame, too. Carrie Ann still can't believe Candace is not a real dancer. She wanted her to throw her shoulders back and continue to "LET LOOSE, I love it!"

Totally, totally -- but I think we all know Carrie Ann said that so she'd have an excuse to head-bang with that crazy ponytail.

 Nene Leaks and Tony Dovolani: 31/40 Good God, Tony! Never wear a shirt again. Nope, sorry. It's not allowed. You asked for it.

Nene dedicated this shirtless solo of Tony's -- excuse me, their rumba -- to her husband Gregg. I still do not get their weird marriage vibe, nor do I ever care to. I fully desire to get through this season of Dancing With the Stars while learning as little more as I need to about another Real Houswife's personal life. Anyway, the dancing!

Ehhh. She was okay. Very clearly trying. Nene has been working hard, and I appreciated her terrified extended yelps as Tony guides her through the moves he has planned for her during rehearsal. I would scream too, I'm sure of it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.15.54 PM

Tony winked to the camera to let us know that he agreed: The best use of Nene's misguided "blonde braid headband" was as a makeshift mop for the Rectagon.

NEXT: Drew and Cheryl dance to an original from ABC's Nashville!

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