Dancing With the Stars recap: Len Needs a Cookie

The head judge throws a fit on Dance Trio night; Gleb's ponytail and Tristan's guyliner wage a fierce-off
Ep. 14 | Aired May 6, 2013

SALSA FRESCA Who KNOWS where this show would be without underwear models? Bruno, you take that back!


Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson: 24/30 foxtrot + 24/30 jive trio = 48/60 Despite a really rough week in training (and really rough portrayal in the intro package), I thought Ingo and Kym had more chemistry than ever this week, especially during their first-round foxtrot, which Len said had a gliding, Sinatra-esque feel to it. Carrie Ann said Ingo's casualness as he dances reminded her of Gene Kelly, while Bruno claimed "Sometimes you look like Fred Flintstone" smack dab in the middle of a series of compliments. Typical! Anwyay, InGene Sinatra Flintstone Rademacher is hitting his physical limit, it seems. But he's still a better dancer than Sean.

The arrival of young Lindsay to assist in the couple's jive trio definitely lightened Ingo's spirits, even though I'm guessing he wished he could just watch a 3D movie of Lindsay and Kym dancing on their own from his cozy popcorn perch next to Florence Henderson. The jive seemed a bit slow and the judges wanted sharper kicks and flicks out of him. Carrie Ann apparently thinks Ingo is "the heart and fun" of the show now that Andy is gone. No, silly! Andy is right there in the audience! But he was not wearing black and white checked pants and a bunny pink vest, so maybe Carrie Ann is right.

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd: 21/30 tango + 21/30 jazz trio = 42/60 Ooh, this must be the televised wedding ABC had promised us…and Sean is running away! Foreshadowing for the real thing? Maybe! I can't decide which of Catherine's brave grimaces was more difficult to pull off: the one after Sean LEFT SOMEONE AT THE ALTAR or the one after Sean guided two bombshells in red bejeweled panties through their simultaneous one-handed cartwheels. Catherine, you're doing God's work. In this case, God is the director of ABC programming.

In both of Sean's dances, Len said, the Bachelor attacked the routine too hard, throwing himself off the beat. "It was a little bit ugly!" he sneered following the bridal tango, which, if we're being honest, starred not Sean but the floppy white dog ears/clouds on Peta's absurd wedding dress. And after the jazz trio with Sharna, Len declared, "Attack came in, and style went out" and then refused to say anything else. Was Sean even dancing in that trio? I found it impossible to look away from the writhing magician's assistants and their delicate thigh chains. I guess that was the point!

So who goes home tonight? Peanut's dad or the runaway groom? Discuss!

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