Dancing With the Stars recap: Love On Top

Break out the mirrorball tissue box! 'The Best Year of My Life' night delivers tumbles, tears, and very few shirts
Ep. 06 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

MOST DECORATED Olympics darling Aly or tattooed Mark?


Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough: 26/30 Derek took that business casual note and ran with it -- I know he was channeling the laid-back vibe of Kellie and Kyle Jacobs' marriage, but I still think there is no excuse for KHAKIS IN THE BALLROOM. A travesty!

I really liked the story behind this rumba -- Kellie finding her comfort and sanctuary (which I honestly heard her pronounce as "sex-uary") in a man after never having any stability from her absent parents. Having Jacob there to play their wedding song, "Say I Do," was pretty magical along with the sunset on the giant screen. Hidden gem: The blue-outlined stairs represented the waves of the Caribbean sea! But I agreed with the judges that Kellie's moves seemed too staccato-y for the rumba.

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff: 24/30 Jacoby spoke (he's always mumbling!) during rehearsals about his absent father, the pain that caused, and how he wants to be so present in his son's life. It sounded like he picked his own song, too -- Rodney Atkins' "Watching You" -- for the foxtrot honoring 2012. What Super Bowl? Papa's got a baby boy!

I'd say Jacoby had the best solo of the night -- a great combination of silly (touchdown dance), serious (reeeeeeeeach!), and downright athletic (that amazing toe-touching leap). I melted when Jacoby's final solo arm extension matched up with the lyric "grow as tall as you are." Clever and seamless -- good job, Karina! The guy floats across the floor like his feet are whispering the surface. Carrie Ann thinks he has "a real shot at winning this," if only he'd "get the booty in." A thoughtful comment on posture or a request for tighter trousers? You make the call.

Buzz kill, Brooke: Of course that adorable baby won't remember this. Or, he's already channeling the matador in his Pack N Doble and requesting spats for his second birthday…with his eyes.

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