Dancing With the Stars season finale recap: Great Mirrorballs of Fire!

Aly, Kellie, Jacoby, and Zendaya vie for the most coveted knob of glitter in all the land. The winners are...
Ep. 19 | Aired May 21, 2013

FEEL THIS MOMENT That means you, Mark and Jacoby!


Kellie's instant jive was equally lovable and insane. I keep forgetting Derek is a world-renowned gymnast! And I loved how things got a little creepy (but who cares! last dance/last chance for love!) when Bruno couldn't stop raving about the way Kellie reminded him of Julianne, and the incredible chemistry between the Hough siblings. "Accurate precision, technique, the way you play with each other....weird and unbelievably wonderful!"

And then Zendaya's instant jive segment reminded me of every time I've thought the partnership of her and Val was indeed as magical as the judges claimed. I loved how he played "reluctant to have fun" at the beginning of the dance, and how they ended it with her giving him their signature "boop" on the nose. Len, never able to stop obsessing over people's "bits," marveled at "all those twinkly bits" of Zendaya's performance quality. "Spread your wings -- you're gonna fly, girl!" (This is when you knew Kellie had won.)

The tears really started flowing as soon as Zendaya took the opportunity during their final trip up to Brookebot Mountain to tell Val, "Thank you for being part of me growing up." Aggggghhhh! But get this -- she'd had a much more profound effect on him than he had on her!

"Age takes a bite out of your ambition, and your dreams," began Val. "You get a little jaded and slowed down." NO WAY, VAL. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I AGREE. "[Zendaya] inspires not only kids, but adults. She made me dream again, believe in myself again. She gives me purpose, and purpose is everything." OMG, VAL. Thank YOU for helping me achieve my dream of finally relating on a human level to a professional dancer! Now I just need to find a 16-year-old to hang out with all the time. (Not like that.)

One last time, just because:

The Argentine Tang-bro. 2013, metallic on gem (man on man, yellow tank on blue).

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