Dancing With the Stars recap: Freestyle Credit Report

Season 17 finals: Jack, Amber, Bill, and Corbin dance for your votes; one couple's eliminated before Tuesday's jewel-studded finale
Ep. 11 | Aired Nov 25, 2013

WINK 180 Jack and Cheryl redeemed themselves in a crowded, classy freestyle after their sloppy first-round jive.


"I was stressing about choreography for a special moment in the freestyle," said Derek, surprisingly not referring to the "special moment" of footage we got of him wandering around looking deeply puzzled in the rehearsal studio. It was cool to see the point during their Week 3 studies when Derek realized Amber had step-dancing experience and he could use that down the line. His magical idea-generating fingers crept from her brain to his and a finger explosion occurred. A light had gone off! Their theme would be "country western, but we won't be doing any line dancing," and they'd hire a bunch of hip-hop backup dancers, plus Mark Ballas. Grab your shotgun!

Sure, why not? It reminded me more of a Glee routine (perhaps in a very special episode about the fine line between fierceness and gun control?) than a DWTS number, but that's sort of what the freestyle is all about. Overall I thought she was great in it -- even with the attention twins and all that country western hip-hop jazz going on in the background, my eyes never left Amber. She truly commanded that performance, not to mention she made a pretty darn good case for a different type of fringed pant than we're used to. Hers had little tassels on just the sides of her legs instead of the full-on Muppet Bum hair monster fringed pants we're used to. Very tasteful. She looked great.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.09.41 PM

I particularly loved this "special moment."

Overall, very cool choreography by Derek, and Amber especially came alive once the stepping sequence began. The dim lighting bothered me a little bit, but I think it ultimately made sense. We may not have been able to see Amber perfectly, but if the lights had been brighter, those other dancers might have overwhelmed the shot.

"You're class, fast, and built to last!" cried Len. "Like a diva-dancing James Brown, kicking ass!" raved Carrie Ann. A million dollars says she originally thought to say "Bob Fosse."

NEXT: Annie, are you okay? Won't you tell us. What Corbin Bleu danced, Annie?

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