Dancing With the Stars recap: Dog Days Are Over

Voters get it right, Andrea Bocelli and J. Lo perform, Brooke wears a thong neckline, and Maks will return...
Ep. 07 | Aired Apr 9, 2013

PASSIONE If DWTS were an oil painting, this would be it.


And hallelujah, indeed -- for Anna Tre-BUN-skaya returned to the ballroom to dance with Val in a stunning accompaniment to Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez's duet (yes, really) on "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás," the original Spanish-language version of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps". This was just all-around breathtaking, between the artful zoom-ins on their criss-crossed microphones and the way the singers and dancers mirrored each other's movements from time to time. I wanted to shout to all my neighbors, who constantly walk by as I'm recapping reality TV and rightfully assume I'm a loser -- "LOOK! TURN ON 'DWTS' RIGHT NOW AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING!" There was just so much class out on that floor. I mean, did you see J. Lo's gown?

More shame: I've been singing "Quizás" to myself since the show ended, but of course I'm singing the lady part, so rather annoyingly it's like I'm pretending to be J. Lo right now. Ugh. This hasn't happened since she she wore that white fringed dress on the American Idol finale. Nooooooo! I want to sound like Andrea Bocelli! Why is life so unfair?

Oh. It is most certainly NOT. Brilynn Rakes is a legally blind 17-year-old who learned she had a condition known as "the dancing eyes" and decided to become one of the stretchiest, most exquisitely balanced dancers I have ever seen. Damn! Brilynn got to dance with her fave pro Derek Hough and we all got to sob for the second night in a row, because WOW.

If they really have to remake Dirty Dancing, might we have just found the two leads?

Brilynn: "I tell myself, 'You can do anything anyone else can do. You just have to do it a bit differently." Good God! My problems = not problems. Amazing segment. #sparklebarf

Oh and can we talk about the thong on Brooke's dress?

brooke's thong dress dwts

I like to imagine Tom's pointing it out in the monitor and they're all having a laugh about it.

NEXT: The Top 7 ("seh-vehhhhhn!") moments of the results show

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