Dancing With the Stars recap: French Kiss-Off

Two of seven couples head home; Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo, and the 'Newsies' cast perform
Ep. 15 | Aired Nov 13, 2012

'I'VE FOUND A NEW TEETH-WHITENING AGENT!' Tony and Melissa celebrate their chance to blind us another day.


Annie's Top 7 ("Seh-vehhhhn!") Results Show Moments for Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 7. A subtitled Len during Shawn, Derek and Mark's 'super-tribal' samba trio:

6. Maks as the perfect picture of solitary refinement as he pondered his recent career switch from dancer to psychiatrist:

(Note the gem.)

5. "It's an Indian folk dance, Mr. Choreography -- come on!" --Tom to Derek re: the banghra

4. Apolo warming up for Monday's tango with some light curls (lifting Karina up and down after asking her if he looked fat)

3. The "autumnal cornucopia" and overall atmosphere of Anna Tre-BUN-skaya and Val's wondrous exhibition routine with NYC ballet principals Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck. I loved how Tiler wore pointe shoes while Anna wore ballroom heels. I kept imagining they were ice skating instead of dancing. MAYBE THEY WERE.

2. The cast of Newsies! Who are they kidding with that endurance and stamina, leap-wise? Those guys looked like how my dolls used to look when I manipulated their "dance moves." (…instead of what they looked like when they danced on their own? hmmm…) Who can jump that high while twisting and not lose energy?! Astounding. Also, I hope those newspapers they were using to mop the floor with their sweet footwork were the hidden-gemmy DWTS-issued tabloids from this and past seasons. I'll just assume that they were. Do not challenge my vision.

1. EVERYTHING about Kylie Minogue's performance -- from her signature "dress" that's basically a long-fringed tank top to the way she stomped down onto the floor to join Tristan 'n' the Troupe Guys during "The Locomotion." She is pop perfection. I loved seeing fellow Aussie Kym shimmy next to her onstage!

In fact! Since 2010's Aphrodite, I've been playing this Kylie song to get me revved up for each new Dancing With the Stars season. There's no way you won't love it. Wait for the chorus.

Does that need to be next season's All Our Pros opener or what?

HIDDEN GEM CITY (also the name of my wireless network):

Lion King background. They should have held Shawn up Mufasa-style at the end.” –gigi, endorsed by duranmomWiltasaurusPrplrose5Steeiamnotvoldemortkfran

“I want Chelsie and Peta’s dresses. So badly. I don’t know what I’d ever wear them to, but I want them.” –iamnotvoldemort
“Casual Friday at work?” –orville1970, endosred by Johoalleniamnotvoldemort,FridgedancerStee

A supportive Maks and Tony's astonishing Metamirrorphosis encourage you to appraise EW.com's Hidden Gems of Week 8.

Did the right couples go home, DANCMSTRs? Discuss.

Fringe Fairy

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